True Grit, Charleston Grit

Renae Brabham

I am telling you that I have truly enjoyed the Grit world this year. I wish all of Charleston knew what they are missing out on by not visiting daily. It is an amazing storefront window into the Charleston community. I feel like I am part of an exclusive club. Like a modern day speakeasy. Peephole in the door, secret knock, you get the picture, right? Charleston Grit is fresh, visionary, and runs the gambit with arts... sports, fashion, shopping, expertise, food and adventure, just to name a few.


As a middle-aged (bottom of the middle) writer, I find there is something for everyone. A friend and I were discussing Cullen's Barber Shop experience this week—his Street People story was incredible.
I YouTube the music that Devin Grant covers so that I can stay in the loop. Band names are dangerous territory for me. I have been messing them up since the '80s. I called Uncle Kracker that White Cracker for months before my daughter called me out. Then there was Three Blind Mice for some blonde band from the era also. 
I make notes about shops, restaurants, and events covered. I share them with family and friends.
I vow to create meals like Holly Herrick.  
I try to imagine what hubby would look like in Desmond's style.
John Abess pulls me right onto the couch for a therapy session while Jane Perdue tells me to pull my big girl panties up and move on with it.
Some days I am mentally in the chair, under the airbrush as Andrew Petersen fixes me up and tells me how beautiful I am. If I feel like sparring a little, I'll check out Prioleau, he knows how to stoke the fires.
Natalie Mason inspires me to do projects that I probably wouldn't normally do, just because she makes them look so easy and fun. Her photo's are great as well. 
Carolyn Evans, know. 
Rebekah Jacob, awe inspiring photography art. 
Different blogs do different things for me. Some days I am in the mood for some seasonal inspiration, others a pick-me-up on a melancholy day, and yet others a good laugh, ie E. Louise A Bat in My Boudoir
Chassity, Cortney, Tara, and the list goes on and on. I am grateful for the standards of all the bloggers. I am motivated by the quality of their writing. I shore myself up and am inspired by the wonderful reflections and optimal musings of these incredible bloggers. I tell out-of-state friends that long for Charleston that it is one of the quickest and most informative ways to keep up on the happenings around the Holy City. It is so beautifully presented—easy to maneuver and chock full of content. Serious kudos’s to the Grit staff. I can't wait to see what' in store for Grit for 2013!