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Who am I ? Let me see... I'm still thinking about it! "On Duty", I am a board certified psychiatrist and wear a tie to work. And, indeed, it is a privilege to be a psychiatrist. It allows me privy to the inner-most thoughts, secrets and feelings of thousands of people - the working class to the elite - the athletic to the dying - to all genders, orientations and marital/living situations. This cross culture of lives and experiences continuously stretches my own boundaries. Life is truly an adventure and mystery. Charleston, S.C. is my beloved city where I have worked and lived for many years. My websites, writings, and professional work are the vehicles through which I attempt to share experiences, identify worthy values, and provide emotional support and assistance. Life is meant to be shared. Let's enjoy sharing aspects of our human nature as we travel together through this adventure of life.

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Is Charleston, after hitting a zenith, heading downward because it cannot regulate developers or maintain livability for its residents?

Grit blogger Dr. John Abess goes 50 days without Facebook and lives to tell the tale.

Double bubble? More like double trouble. Blogger John Abess, along with the majority of the country, reacts to the Commander in Chief chewing gum at a World War 2 memorial service.

Are you letting the "cost of money" determine what you place your value in? Not everything that's of worth can be bought. Here's a wake up call that will get you thinking about what you're spending.

Have you heard about the new child discipline tool approved by Belgium's parliament? It's called child euthanasia. Yep, you read that right. Here's a (sarcastic) synopsis of the new law...

Shopping, carols, and cheerful decorations—Christmas brings with it tons of seasonal fun. Lately, though, I've realized it brings about something else, too. Something wonderful...

Well, here's a hint: it doesn't quite support our recent ranking as one of the nation's snobbiest cities. And while we're at it, a quick glossary of standout Southern phrases...

The view from downtown, where I sat and listened to a man tossing his cast net into the water. What a night in Charleston, indeed....

Been having a hard week? Let's take a second from our busy, busy schedules and remember that we're not alone—that we all face one challenge or another. Here's a video that'll help you remember...

Have you ever thought about these mysterious entertainers? You can sometimes find one on King Street, between Calhoun and Market, but is it a true art form or sidewalk game of pretend? I asked one...

National blog sites are abuzz with theories on what's behind the DHS's giant purchase order of ammunition, even as we face massive budget cuts. Senators, can you sort fact from fiction?

The doc's sit-down with the Gun was Grit through and through—that is, a fresh perspective on an issue that's got the whole country's attention

There's one big player in the resurgent gun debate that hasn't made the requisite media rounds—I sat down with him recently to discuss our culture, the President's stance, and big-picture solutions

Last week, blogger Tim Brennan got us thinking about artist-types and their predilection to suicide. As a psychiatrist, I had to weigh in (also, college kids? You need to read this)

This blog is just fun on a Friday. What do you think? A stint or two in rehab, a made-up name, petty theft, relentless entitlement—is this really our version of awesome?

What does this country need more of? Math and science whizzes using reasoning and logic to take us further, higher... or entitled celebs diluting societal norms with wildly unoriginal antics

Why is it that sometimes, we respond to a challenge by stepping on the gas, and other times, napping right through the race? (Hint: What are you afraid of?)

Though I'm fairly certain this piece will get me fired from Grit (and my wife has advised strongly against it), here it is... Six real-clear thoughts on breast-feeding in today's culture

With one out of every two marriages failing, it might be time to regroup: here are 5 things that need shoring up before you tie the knot, even if it's the next time around....

Here's some food for thought just in time for your weekend: In our Blog of the Week, Dr. Abess makes anxiety out to be a friendly motivator rather than a big fat burden to lug around on your shoulders

Without anxiety, we might be pretty useless people. This, and the recent bus bullying video gone viral, begs the question: are we instilling ENOUGH of these jitters in our children?

Thinking of your cell phone as a bona-fide trance inducer may help explain why you just can't put it down—and more importantly, why you should

Live life outside of yourself and the demands life makes upon you. See a bigger picture, particularly when it comes to the one we show to our children...

One would hope so, but the truth is, your real decision makers may be flying far under the radar... Here's a quick look at who may be at the helm





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