This week I bring you insight into the inner workings of one of Charleston’s most generous minds. Meet Carolyn Finch. She’s the founder of Charleston Women in Tech, been a guest and speaker at the White House, and mother to baby Juliette, who gently sleeps through the hustle and bustle of Black Tap on a crisp morning.

Although blogger Devin Grant has never been a fan of the band 80's Classic Rock, he has to admit one band rocked out a harder than he was expecting them to at last Saturday night's show at the PAC.

Did you go to the star-studded softball game this weekend? My brother played on Team Taco Boy for the annual event to benefit Louie's Kids, and I was in the dugout snapping pics. Here they are!

Love softball? Or local celebs like Bill Murray? Or Louie's Kids? Or helping others? Or smiling? Then get yourself to Saturday's Slim Down the South Celebrity Softball Game. Get the deets here!

Not feelin' summer's seduction yet? Next up is a tidal wave of eye candy—the best pools in the Lowcountry, swimsuits that rock, cool beach towels, and more must-have gear

Passive aggressiveness sucks—even more so when it's coming from your significant other. Here's how to handle those brush offs and jokes at your expense (hint: don't take their daily dose of bullshit)

Don't overplay your hand... Here's why she wants you to put the brakes on the Ron Jeremy routine, and get back to basics in the bedroom

Okay, not dirty... But she definitely steamed up the small screen on the hit show's Ultimate Sex Guide this morning. Read on to watch. And seriously, bring your fire extinguisher...

A near year-end review of my go-to blog site (Editor's note: We SWEAR we didn't bribe Renae to write this)

What's a surefire way to kill your sex life? Two decades without spontaneity. Not sure? Go ask Alice

Here they are: The Second Quarter, 2012 Gritty Award winners

Am I missing something? Just because my cohabitation partner in crime goes to a female personal trainer, do we really have to start ringing the anxiety alarm bells?

Get reading or get real? One gal wants to know if immersing herself in 50 Shades is helpful to her relationship? Carolyn's answer: Yeah, probably not...

As the Charleston designer nabs a coveted spot on the national mag's top new tastemakers list, we comb our own ink to show off a few of Angie's greatest hits, local style. Take a peek...

I have a question about "emotional affairs" and specifically want to know if I'm involved in one. I reconnected with my old college boyfriend over Facebook a couple of years ago...

Is "Just Married" just too early to start fanning the flames of marital desire?

A smart and well-read guy asks Carolyn about the little known theory of "dopamine fallout" after sex...

She wants it, he doesn't? Really? Easy-does-it advice for all those sexless marriages out there

Can you save a marriage when a husband brings hookers into the picture? Hmmm... maybe not