UPDATE: Grit Blogger Carolyn Evans Talked Dirty This Morning on The Doctors... See It Here

Instant Grit



Okay, not dirty... But she definitely steamed up the small screen this morning. 


And oh, how we love Carolyn. She's brought us spot-on advice for dealing with cheating husbandsstalled-out sex lives, that emotional e-affair we can't shake (and know we should)... Hell, she even snapped us out of our 50 Shades of Grey haze, and back to reality. And real sex. Which is what she talked about this morning on the hit show The Doctors. Or as it's better known, the one with the super dreamy doc in scrubs. 



See her share her steamy know-how here:



And while we're on the subject, do you have sex questions for Carolyn? Email her at carolyn@fortybeads.com. We've got more of her sex advice coming up soon.