Would you sleep with a male sexbot?

Do you really want to know what you look like during sex?

Do we really need a fitness tracker for our periods?

Spies in the bedroom

Charleston's indie rock scene just got a little younger.

A man claiming to be The Purple One reincarnate steps into Lorena's Uber. Things got crazy.

HIV/AIDs denialism is a mindset that will set you up for failure in a city that is ranked as having the 18th highest new HIV case rate in the United States—Charleston, South Carolina.

The world, as the Charmers know it, collapses. Can it be rebuilt?

Sex toy parties more interesting than Mary Kay parties

Lorena Jordan gives us an irreverant, stream-of-consciousness recap of Southern Charm's third Season Premier.

Want to look hip at Fashion Week this year but don’t want to blow your paycheck?

Throughout our lives, we acquire through experiences the understanding that some ideas are universal and key to the continuation of our existence. Love overcomes hate, good wins over evil, and in the case of adult relationships, intimacy is vital to survival.

Online help to figure out her turn-ons

Don't give these...just don't

What's it Take to Be Naughty?

If Ginny Deerin is successful in her upcoming bid to be Charleston, South Carolina’s next mayor, she will make history, becoming Charleston’s first female mayor and South Carolina’s first LGBT mayor.

I’m working on debunking myths that circulate around dance. I’ve already tackled dance/sex (“No We Are Not Dating”), my lack of owning a dance studio (“No I Don’t Have a Dance Studio”), and today I want to talk about rhythm, coordination, and “Oh, I can’t dance.”

And other questions I have to field regarding my dance partner