There’s an App for THAT?!

Helen Mitternight



Is nothing sacred? Or, more to the point, is nothing secret?


First comes news that our televisions and microwaves may be spying on us. But now, our vibrators are getting in on the act.


According to a recent lawsuit, some vibrators are spying on their users. It gives a whole new meaning to “the spy who loved me.”


Users of We-Vibe couples’ toys may be in for a settlement of a lawsuit filed against the Canadian start-up Standard Innovation, which makes the smart sex toys.


We’re used to vendors capturing our contact info and our buying behavior, but not our more intimate behavior. Why would they even want to know what we do with our sex toys?!


The company’s marketing communication manager, Denny Alexander, told a reporter in December that some data is needed for the sex toy app to function. But some helps designers plan a better experience for you. Alexander told the reporter, “It’s a private, insular world, [mostly] without the benefit of consumer insights.”  


He adds that the data “gives us a general sense of users’ [vibration] intensity levels, steadiness of mode, and whether we’re marketing to the right people.”


Users who have brought the lawsuit seem to feel that what happens with the vibrator, should stay with the vibratee.