Shopping and coffee, what could be better?

Stop everything you're doing. The new record shop off of King, RECORD STOP, is here!

Looking for something to do this week? Check out Grit's curated list of happenings.

The truth is revealed. Somewhat. Not really. Maybe. Who knows?

Let's watch our favorite socialites get down in the country!

For the record - the most common IV treatments given at Renew IV Spa & Walk-In Clinic are the immuno-boost and the athlete’s boost—not hangover boost, so let’s stop thinking of IV clinics as the hangover pick-me-up spot. I recommend everyone try IV therapy and the walk-in clinic at Renew IV Spa & Walk-In Clinic. Having a walk-in clinic as simple as the one at Renew is such an asset to the community, especially since it is so reasonably priced at just $64 for a history, physical examination, and any necessary prescriptions.

With friends like these, who needs enemies?

I was recently speaking with a friend about our fathers. Like most conversations worth a damn, it was early in the morning and fueled by a couple pints of beer. My friend brought up a really solid point about my father that I’ve been thinking about ever since.

Your go-to guide for all things Charleston this weekend, January 29-31

Every wonder how to stay on track with your New Year's Goals and Resolutions? Ever thought about massage therapy as a Solution? You may be surprised how much it can help!

Learn how to make more time to take care of yourself and fit massage into your life.

Langhorne Slim & The Law to bring their raw live performance to The Pour House this month.

Holistic Education and Art Recreation Therapy (HEART) is a healthy and creative day program for adults with special needs. In July, they welcomed guests to a fashion show sponsored by Palmetto Goodwill at St. Barnabas Lutheran Church.

A self-reflection on why I am sometimes my worst enemy

Does money, or the lack thereof, limit your ability to receive regular massage? Let's change that perception!

Searching The Halsey Institute's Bizarre Bazaar, the gallery's yard sale of thirty years of exhibition materials, for the perfectly odd find.

A roundup of events this weekend, July 17-19

Spread the love this Saturday, June 27, at 8:30 am at 3rd Street on Folly Beach.

Vibrant textiles are the perfect way to bring a touch of spring indoors.

For best results, do not apply while drinking wine...unless you enjoy giving yourself a massive face hickey.