Looking for family-friendly July 4th fun? Wild Dunes Resort has you covered.

As part of the 14th installment of Charleston Wine + Food, the State of South Carolina's Tourism Office hosted media professionals to a brunch atop the new Hotel Bennett Piazza overlooking the Culinary Village in Marion Square. Here's one attendee's take on what the Palmetto State has to offer residents and tourists alike.

Shopping and coffee, what could be better?

Attending YALL Fest this weekend? I won't be the only 28-year-old among the teens and tweens.

I pulled my shoes off and waddled to the shower, my feet were webbed. As I washed the Charleston off of me I thought, Charleston, it's all good, even when it's not.     

When your lofty aspirations are in the backyard.

New owner, James Bolt is taking the Gin Joint to a new level.

Charleston Wine + Food events for budget-friendly travelers

The circle of life came full circle for me last week when I saved a bug.

When Matthew comes to play, you better get out the way...

August 26th and August 27th are about to be wild... maybe even sinful.

Hydrofly brings floating on water to life and this is what it looks like:

The Finding Nemo sequel you never knew you needed.

As part of the Lowcountry Local’s “Eat Local Challenge” I am drinking my way through Charleston’s local inebriating options.

You need to eat your grits to get off the grid.

For its third anniversary, The Alley did what it does best: invite the town out to a big, sexy party dressed out in the finest fashions history and budgets could afford. All we had to do in return was allow a portion of our ticket to be donated to the Be a Mentor Program, and enjoy the show.

Ever watch a movie or TV show and think "man I wish I could eat what they're eating on screen?" The Food Film Festival makes that dream a reality.

Get your coffee fix, and taste it too

An astounding finish on a stand-up paddle board for Charleston surfer Justin Schaay at this year's Dusi Canoe Marathon in South Africa.