A Charlestonian in Argentina: My Buenos Aires Overall Update

Bailey Desiree Bial

Hola Charleston! 

Como Estas? I love you always, but I must say, I need to encourage a little travel as well!


When I decided to take a life hiatus and move to Buenos Aires Argentina, several people asked me why in the world I would ever leave Charleston, the best city on the planet!


I thoroughly enjoyed life in Charleston- working as a stylist at Elysium salon, a stylist for Charleston Fashion Week, writing for Charleston Grit, being a Charleston foodie, local music fanatic, the list goes on- however, my passion for discovery and adventure led me to say goodbye to South Carolina and hello to South America. 


So, why Argentina? In 2010 my parents moved to Punta Del Este, Uruguay. They had vacationed there once and fell completely in love, then deciding they must live there for a bit.


They ended up living in Punta Del Este for a little over 5 years, and the times I visited them we would also visit Buenos Aires (a few hour ferry ride away from Punta Del Este).


Well- perhaps I get my spirited nature from my parents, as I immediately fell in love with Buenos Aires and decided it had to be on the places-to-live-in-my-life list. 


In February of this year, I rented out my downtown Charleston apartment and headed down to this beautiful Latin American city. Charleston is always home, but as of now I’ve been in Buenos Aires for over 5 months, and I don’t foresee leaving anytime soon.  


Luckily being a stylist is a trade that can be practiced anywhere in the world. There is a very large community of expats here, and a constant need for English speaking professionals in various professions, including mine! Basically, it was not too difficult for me to get some clients on the books to earn income.


I am limiting the amount of styling I’m doing, as I want to truly enjoy this city and also have time to explore other passions I have (music, art, food). So, currently that is exactly what I’m doing- working as a traveling stylist, exploring and getting to know the city, meeting people from all over the world, cooking a lot, eating out a lot, taking acting class, ceramics class, learning Spanish, singing, writing, painting, relaxing…yeah, it’s pretty great.  



Here’s a recap of the past five months in Buenos Aires. More updates to come...


Buenos Aires, which translates to “Good Air”. A lovely city that is settled on Rio de la Plata. 


My apartment in Buenos Aires. I found this gem on AirBnB- it was one of the few places that allowed me to have my dog (Nellie) so I grabbed it. Due to my roommate becoming a close friend of mine, the location, and obviously that garden- I am still living here five months later. 




Exploring the gorgeous parks of BA. This is “Parque 3 de Febrero”, which in one section has a stunning rose garden (shown below). 



Trying funky (and delicious) cocktails in the speakeasy bar that is located underneath a flower store- Florinda Atlantico. 



Nellie and I studying pool side with avocado toast and coffee.



Being a tourist in the neighborhood of Retiro. The buildings and architecture here are beyond impressive.



BA has a thriving foodie scene, and this food festival “Feria Masticar” gives you a taste of the best restaurants in the city. 


El Ateneo- one of the best-known bookstores in the world! 




One of my favorite neighborhood coffee shops- Salvaje. Their iced coffee and homemade bread is out of this world.



Weekend markets in San Telmo. Excellent second-hand shopping. 



A beautiful day and a beautiful bowl of fresh Ceviche, alongside spicy mango margaritas at La Mar. 



Enjoying an outdoor concert with friends at KONEX venue. I love this open air venue, always a good time. 



Our server Luis opening a bottle of Malbec at La Cabrera. This is a MUST go restaurant with some of the best steaks in town. 




I am in love with my Wednesday night ceramics class- which is where I made this adorable mini Nellie. 



For any questions or more info about my time in Buenos Aires, email at Baybial@gmail.com