New Owner at The Gin Joint

Jeanne Everett

James Bolt purchased Grand Crew LLC and as new acting owner, James will be bringing a new spirit to the joint.

The Gin Joint has long been one of my favorite local spots for cocktails. Especially, after a yummy dinner across the street at another local spot.


The Gin Joint offers a vintage early 1920's feel with twists on cocktails that can seriously not be found anywhere else in Charleston.


My favorite adventure to go on at the Gin Joint, is the bartenders choice.  It is where you pick from a list of different combinations like floral, romantic, sweet, sour, etc to let the bartender create a cocktail that will suit your palette.



I love the cozy, small feel to the space and how intimate it truly is. As we say in the south, Bless Your Heart James, and we are looking forward to seeing what's new!




To learn more about the Gin Joint, click here.