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Cosmetic artist Andrew C. Petersen is an internationally trained beauty expert who’s worked with Chanel and Christian Dior Beauty, and spent a decade and a half globetrotting with Trish McEvoy as he accompanied the famed cosmetics maven on personal appearances and helped lead her artist-on-location workshops. “She really taught me the importance of not just doing makeup, but of teaching makeup,” he says. Petersen’s work has been featured in the New York Times, Southern Living, Southern Bride, Charleston Magazine, Charleston Weddings, InStyle Magazine, The Post & Courier, and Skirt magazine. In Spring 2011, Petersen collaborated with Aesthetispa owner Dr. Christy Cone to launch Misiu Beauty, a cosmetics line he designed to reintroduce high-demand lip gloss shades discontinued by their national lines (“misiu” is a Polish term for those whom you hold close to your heart). He was also featured as one of the six top makeup artists in the country in 2013 for InStyle Magazine in their Little Black Beauty Book! He teaches classes from time to time and theatrical makeup at the Art Institute of Charleston and the Paul Mitchell School. Andrew has recently made the big jump and gone on his own to pursue his passions. He loves working with brides, but insists on making it a very personal experience with no rush. Andrew will commit to only one wedding per day so the bride gets all of the attention she deserves. He has had the pleasure of working with the cast of the View, John Mayer, Pat Conroy, Julie Newmar, Anna Wintour, Katie Couric, and Jennifer Lopez. He is now settled in Charleston where he has the most wonderful clients. Andrew also really focuses on weddings and travels around the country to make sure the bride looks absolutely gorgeous. Recently published in his first book, which was small but so flattering for a friend to include him in her masterpiece. Call it an opening door, but it has unleashed a passion for the many facets of writing. He is the beauty expert for his beloved and has many exciting things coming up in the near future. Andrew loves Charleston and is will always be indebted to those that have been here for generations, help make it a home. Since he is all over the place, please reach out to Andrew for Wedding, Bat Mitzva, Event Makeup, and Personal Beauty Shopping/Concierge. Either email at or phone 843 817 0303 to contact Andrew personally. A passion for makeup, beauty, and people has always been Petersen’s driving force. “My goal is to enhance the beauty in individuals one brush stroke at a time,” he says. Photo credit: Diana Deaver

Andrew C. Petersen's Blog Posts

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The Fashion 360 Conference brings industry experts together for a day of panels sure to get the creative juices flowing.

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We are happy to announce that the Holy City is hosting a same-sex wedding event this summer! Learn more about the AFFA fundraiser, "Say A Big, Gay ‘I Do’ To A Charleston Destination Wedding" here.

Best friends are great for a lot of things, especially advice. Our make-up expert shares his memories and gets the scoop from his Southern belle BFF on color trends, how to beat the heat, and more.

Take it from one of the best wedding photographers in Charleston, when it comes to your big day, you want your makeup to be just right. Here are some hints from behind the camera.

When two of Charleston's premier beauty and fashion experts get together, you'd better pay attention. Andrew C. Petersen and Ashley Brook Perryman cover everything from CFW to new makeup trends.

Andrew C. Petersen takes to the tents in search of this year's hottest looks at Charleston Fashion Week. Along with some old friends, and some new, he gives a recap of the night's sights and sounds.

Andrew C. Peterson's Q&A brings us inside the mind of fashion pro Julie Wheat of Cavortress, and her take on makeup, clothing and accessories on and off the runway.

Fashion Week is HERE and if you're wondering if there are any do's and don'ts, let blogger Andrew C. Peterson tell you how to behave at the tents from his years of experience.

In the crazy dating game today, women ponder a million things, one of which being when they're allowed to show their significant other their face without any makeup. Well? When IS the right time?

Hate New Year's resolutions? Here are some goals set by none other than beauty expert Andrew C. Petersen that will make sure your 2014 is better, brighter and absolutely beautiful.

Seriously, though: just because it's (kind of) getting cooler, you don't have to accept the onset of pasty skin season. Here are three quick tips for keeping a healthy, sexy, seasonal glow

Been to this event before? It benefits Pet Helpers and it kinda rocks—here's a rundown of the black tie-slash-beach chic event, and snapshots of the partygoers (also, a link to where you can donate)

So you use brushes to get a perfect makeup application, right? Well when's the last time you've washed them? Here are the how-tos for doing just that (letting you get the most out of your investment)

What's the difference between a blush and a bronzer brush? How about the eyeliner, eyeshadow, and brow varieties? Last time we talked about why they're all important—now let's decode that brush kit

Ladies, does your makeup bag include brushes? If not, it’s high time you get some. In this 3-part series, I’ll tell you how to best use and store them, but first: here’s why they’re a must-have

Heard of Pink Dot Beauty Bar? Better question: Heard of a beauty bar that stashes Budweiser for the gents as their gals sharpen their image? I've got a Q&A with its owner to fill you in...

To get you ready for spring (and CFW!), I spoke with global makeup artist Juan Carlos Belmonte to learn the beauty looks on trend now. Spoiler: defined lips and eyes, and beautiful skin—SANS makeup

Just as you shouldn't be wearing a miniskirt sans tights this season, you shouldn't be sporting the same foundation you wore in July. Here's what to look for in a foundation that's right for right NOW

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Red. Bright, bold, check-me-out red. Here are need-to-know steps to achieving the timeless, alluring look, so that you can wear the color without the color wearing you

You probably have a wardrobe to suit each season, but do you have a different skin care regime and makeup routine to match?

So many of us are afraid of aging, but guess what? It's going to happen. No need to fret about those candles on your cake—here are my tips and top product picks for making your youthful look last

Let's be honest, sometimes you just want to crash. No so fast—here's why you should stay up a few extra minutes to wash your face (plus tips to help you do so perfectly)

Part 1 in a series: This fall, you'll want to ditch the slutty, drag queen version of this smoldering look in favor of sexy REALISTIC daytime perfection. So listen up....

Songbird Emily Hearn's wispy sense of boho-chic style has always impressed. I chatted with the past CFW performer (and former Charleston resident) to get the lowdown on what's inside her makeup bag

Coco Chanel, Marilyn, Dior—they've all weighed in on the power of perfume. Here are a few choice quotes, plus why, how, and where you should be wearing it

The summer's sudden upheaval of hair (the crazy, humidity-ridden kind) has me hunting down THE product to stop the madness. I've found it, so all my frizzy ladies, pay attention...

Ever wonder how J. Lo gets that brilliant glow? Or how about Kim Kardashian and her perfectly polished look? I'll let you in on one of the stars' (and we makeup artists') best-kept secrets: brightener

Under-eye circles and redness around the nose can reveal secrets (about your late night out or perhaps even your age), and I'm all about keeping a secret. Here are my tips to keeping things covered

I have one word for you this summer: bronzer. Here's how to get that coveted sun-kissed glow without damaging your skin (or turning into a pumpkin)

Let's be real: few things are grittier than a breakup via text. In our Blog of the Week, Andrew recounts just this, then gives us some solid product tips and wise-worded advice

... Put it on your face and clear your pores! Here's to not letting minor mishaps (like a breakup via text) take a toll on your physical or emotional mojo

Heat-induced beauty lapses are a special shade of tragic, so how do you maintain your sexy? I'll tell you, so pour yourself a glass of sweet iced tea and take notes

With the carefree spirit of the season in mind, let your skin breathe! Here's how to pull off "less is more" in summer beauty

How does he really feel about your lipsticked lips, eyeshadowed eyes, and lined lids?

Following a chat at CFW a few months back, the young fashion phenom shares her beauty must-haves and fast fixes with me....

So you're repaired and rejuvenated, but to get past that breakup you'll need to take it one more brave step further. I dare you to....

Southern girl-turned-Manhattan socialite Tinsley Mortimer came to town yesterday, bringing with her some fiction, style, and Southern Charm

Featuring the Cos Bar of Aspen collection and a trove of beauty goodies, "The Shops at Target" launched this weekend with Cos Bar founder Lily Garfield herself descending on Charleston for the debut

Personal relationships aren't the only breakups we're faced with. Here's some quick tips for rejuvenating your mind, body, and skin after loss

Tired of looking, well... TIRED? On-air personality and new mom Nicole Johnson of WCSC-TV shares secrets for post-baby beauty, like brightening sleep-deprived skin

Crying a river over the end of a relationship can wreak havoc on your skin—here, follow these no-fail secrets for facing the world again

Five steps to making the most out of a makeup consultation (without draining your bank account)

I'm gonna tell you how to apply blush properly—that means keeping the 1980s, Dynasty, and Grandma's racing stripes out of our pinking repertoire

Spring is here, baby! Along with Charleston's pesky pollen. Remedy your red eyes with these quick tips

When Fashion Director Ayoka Lucas said we were going to Fashion Camp, she meant it, although I feel a little bit more like I just came from an episode of Survivor...

Were local fashionistas' party faces fit for a night of fashion, or a bit of a snooze. Depends on which night you went...

Spritz, shimmer, and shine at this year's Charleston Fashion Week

My Q&A with the show's hair and makeup creative director Ashley Brook Perryman

Looking for long, luscious lashes? Which mascaras make my list? Read on for my simple tips and mascara how-to's

Aren't into wasting time or money on make-up? Take my advice: prep your face with primer

Saturday night I helped local singer Quiana Parler glam up for her performance at the Charleston Wine + Food Festival. See how to get the same show-stopping look for yourself

A knock at the door, a last-minute text invite—sometimes a mad dash to gorgeous is all you've got time for. Relax. Fix yourself a drink. I've got you covered....

Has your beauty routine become a little too routine? Here's my top ten, must-do tips for freshening things up this year. Easy, effective—get ready to shine, ladies!

Need to work a little magic on your complexion (and pocketbook?) this season? Here are three brilliant remedies you can make right in your own kitchen

I'm still squirreling away nickels and dimes so I can afford the splurges, but guess what? Pretty doesn't always mean pricey.





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