With just $12 and a bit of PINsperation, you can have yourself a new man! A new front door snowman, that is. Isn't he festive?!

I'll show you how to do it in minutes, without a ladder, hammer, suction cups, or even going outside. Just grab some wreaths and ribbon!

3-D numbers add a graphic, colorful punch to our playroom. (And on a side note, Summerville still doesn't have a craft store... gasp!)

See how my favorite primer helped me take this Habitat ReStore bookshelf from second-hand to grand!

A little spray paint and a lot of pattern take this vintage school desk from beat-up-blah to playroom perfection!

Are your children leaving behind a trail of toys? Try a ransom box, but I'll tell you how to do it so it actually works...

Dad's Day has come and gone, but this super-cool and affordable closet organizer would make a great gift for your man (or you!) any day of the year....

Keep track of your family's summertime fun—and goals—with a big super-cool list

Mini-muffins and milk glass, sweet tea and fabric flowers, Starbucks and one BIG, BIG baby!

The only thing better than wearing 100% linen is sleeping on it—here's some seriously cool bedding from my design school pal Jason Evege, just in time for our balmy summer nights

It's too bad I already have a garage and a house filled with "deals" that I "had" to have. Some of these things are calling out my name!

Affordable tile + Talented Friend = A Refreshing New Look for my Kitchen

After reading this I am deleting my Pinterest account... NEVER, no way. But you sure can bet I am Pinning and Proceeding with caution

I think I could find a reason to hang one of these things on every single door in my house. Would that be tacky?

My top picks from a recent trip to World Market

Transform an ugly brass chandelier into a fun and funky light fixture for a few bucks and a can of spray paint!

This has got to be the most underutilized corner of everyone's garage. See how I transformed mine for $100!