Linen Goods: Dreamy Linoto Bedding

The only thing better than wearing 100% linen is sleeping on it—here's some seriously cool bedding from my design school pal Jason Evege, just in time for our balmy summer nights
I was thrilled a few weeks ago when my former boss, Debra Moreland, asked me to fly to NYC to work a trunk show with her. While in the big city with Debra (which deserves its own post), I was able to catch up with my friend Jason of Linoto linen.
Jason and I were in fashion design school together. He stood out as the star of our class, not to mention, he's one of the good guys and he makes me laugh. He further solidified his spot as one of my all-time favorite people when he introduced me to Ippudo's steamed buns a few years ago. Yes people, that is all it takes to secure your spot as one of my favorites. Steamed Buns.
(Paris 1999)
Jason created Linoto a few years ago out of his New York City apartment.
 The company has grown like crazy.
I am not surprised. At all.
I sleep with a Linoto linen duvet cover every night....and i am here to tell you it's gooooooood!
(My bedroom)
Linoto sheets have been featured in Better Homes and Gardens.
Check out the goodness.....
If it isn't enough that the sheets are amazingly luxurious, Linoto's goods are manufactured here in the USA and Jason makes a serious effort to reduce waste. For example, this linen tote is made out of fabric scraps from the bedding that he produces. Pretty great, huh?
(Linoto photos via)
I've been to the Linoto design studio/manufacturing facility a couple of times. It has been exciting to see how the company has grown and evolved over the past few years. I just love it that in these tough economic times Jason has been able to grow an eco-minded New York City-based company that is not only committed to manufacturing in the USA but is wildly successful at it.
It gives me hope. 
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