DIY Goods: Magnetic Toy Bin Numbers

3-D numbers add a graphic, colorful punch to our playroom. (And on a side note, Summerville still doesn't have a craft store... gasp!)
I thought it would be fun to add a graphic punch in our playroom with numbers.
I liked the idea of numbering our toy bins and having them be easily removable; so we can put the bins in proper order by simply moving the number and not the whole bin. Wow, that sounds really lazy of us. Now that I think of it, I'm not even sure why these bins need to be numbered or in proper order. Oh, right... it's graphic and cute. Good enough for me!
I started with simple wooden numbers from my local craft store.
Hung the numbers on nails on a piece of plywood, sprayed them with primer, then topped them off with white spray paint. 
(And yes, I had to flip the 5 and re-spray it, because apparently I don't know which way a 5 goes.)
I bought this handy-dandy adhesive magnetic tape at my local craft store.
(Which, by the way, isn't very "local." Unless you call a 25-minute drive local. Adding salt to the wound, I just found out that Mt. Pleasant is getting a Hobby Lobby and West Ashley is getting a Jo-Ann Fabrics. So happy for them, really I am. But seriously, Summerville needs some Craft-Store-Love in a major way!!! The teeny tiny sewing section at the local Walmart is just not cutting it. Crafty Summerville people, how ever do we survive??)
Moving on... Peel and stick.
I put my coffee table books to use. (Does anyone ever actually read those?)
{The metal bins are from target, about five years ago. We will have them forever and always. Love them.}