Spray Paint

Sea Urchin Ball

Congratulations to Meredith and Ben, the winners of our DIY Wedding Contest!

The results are in! Now's your chance to pick the winner of the Charleston Grit DIY Wedding Contest.

Halloween's tomorrow, and you have $10 and no costume. Don't worry—procrastination is my specialty.

A hidden mural in Avondale is an uncovered gem for most Charlestonians.

No, it doesn't look like your family is from old money, it looks like your house needs to be painted by someone who know's what they're doing, and takes pride in quality craftsmanship.

I confess, I'd rather do most anything than go on an organized tour. But I went on this one, which included four local restaurants and plenty of small bites. What I thought, and what my faves were

3-D numbers add a graphic, colorful punch to our playroom. (And on a side note, Summerville still doesn't have a craft store... gasp!)

A little spray paint and a lot of pattern take this vintage school desk from beat-up-blah to playroom perfection!

Okay, I admit I struggled with this story for a bit. I had a hot flash, left to go get some snacks, forgot what I was doing, remembered what I was doing, and came back....

Phillip DeClemente, aka "Happy Now?", isn't the only one who lost his sh** yesterday. Traffic-plagued Charlestonians are having a hell of a time grappling with the (im?)morality of it all

Transform an ugly brass chandelier into a fun and funky light fixture for a few bucks and a can of spray paint!

This has got to be the most underutilized corner of everyone's garage. See how I transformed mine for $100!