Before and After Goods: Vintage School Desk

A little spray paint and a lot of pattern take this vintage school desk from beat-up-blah to playroom perfection!
I have a thing for old school desks. 
I found this unique double desk at an antique store for around $70. Not a steal, but it was a fair price, I think.
It was a bit beat-up in its original condition and needed a nice clean start. 
Enter Rustoleum spray paint.
And there we have it. Red.
The wood on the chairs was splitting a bit, so I made some slipcovers that will protect the seats from further damage (as well protect little legs from splinters).
I started with white canvas. Then I traced.
And traced.
Added seam allowance.
Cut two.
Cut the chevron fabric.
Made piping.

Sewed piping.

Cut ruffles.
Pinned ruffles.
Added ribbon.
And voila!
I also stitched a little velcro around the legs under the seat cover. That helps keep them in place while those little legs are scooting on and off.
I am pleased to report that the little legs around here are splinter free and very happy!