Before and After Goods: $6 Chandelier

Elisabeth Bova
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Here's a little something you can do with a can of spray paint and a few bucks. These builder's grade brass chandeliers are readily available; every time I go to my local thrift stores, they are all over the place (typically $5-$10 each). I found this one at Goodwill for $6.

I simply took the white plastic thingies and the brass cup thingies off (photos 3 and 4), set them aside, and spray painted the metal parts. Spray painting a chandelier is pretty easy. The hardest part is figuring out where to hang it. I spray in my backyard and use a "sheppard hook". (Tall metal stake used outside for hanging plants.) Mine is about 6 feet tall and works like a gem. After spraying 2-3 coats, I hang the chandelier to dry on our chin-up bar, which is pretty much the only way I will ever be using that thing!
Note: do not spray paint outside on a windy day. I learned this the hard way. Oh, and don't wear your favorite Coach sunglasses that you found at T.J.Maxx for next to nothing. You will reeeeeally regret that decision.  Unless you like the idea of red speckled sunglasses.
I decided to figure out the whole elecrticity thing and hung this chandelier myself. Thanks Youtube! Boy, it's really not that hard.  Just remember if you decide to meddle with electricity: always find a friend to help and please please please- for the love of all that is spray painted- turn your breaker off!!! 
Finally, I added cute round light bulbs for fun. They really add some quirkiness to the bright red chandi.