Will Cooler Heads Prevail?

Phillip DeClemente, aka "Happy Now?", isn't the only one who lost his sh** yesterday. Traffic-plagued Charlestonians are having a hell of a time grappling with the (im?)morality of it all

So, we all know the deets: the spray painted SUV with dramatic messages like “happy now" and “game over;” the short-lived bomb threat; and the three-hour, standstill traffic jam stretching from Mount Pleasant to West Ashley. Yes, Phillip DeClemente’s dramatic stunt on the Ravenel’s been quite the talk of the town over the past 24 hours. And the talk’s been pretty heated—the selfish inconvenienced vs. the overzealous sympathizers—lighting up twitter, Facebook, and comment boards alike. Comb through these comment boards to get some perspective on the conversation, along with a bit of afternoon entertainment. Our personal faves range from this suggestion from Susan: “If you know him, you can send him some canteen money, a letter letting him know how you had to pee in a cup because you were stuck on a bridge trying to get home, or a gift-wrapped box of poo,” to fellow commenter IAmJeffDavis’ quick-witted: “Hey LIZ... how about a nice glass of shut the **** up?”







Photo Credit: Todd Specter