Ransom Goods: Summer Clutter? Hold it Hostage!

Are your children leaving behind a trail of toys? Try a ransom box, but I'll tell you how to do it so it actually works...
We all know how it goes during the summer with the kids home from school. More bodies at home = more bodies to make messes. Here is my plan for battling the clutter trail that seems to follow my children around the house in the summer.
A Ransom Box!
No big surprise here, I found this idea on Pinterest.
This cute and free printable comes from Just Another Day in Paradise. Head on over to print your own ransom box sign.
Here are a few of our chores:
-Get a wet wipe and wipe down all the bathroom sinks
-Clean the toilets
-Write a letter to a friend or relative
-Make your bed and your sibling's bed
-Clean off the trampoline
-Call a relative
-Dust the windowsills
-Dust the family room
-Clean the clutter off of the stairs in the garage
-Clean out the van
So far the ransom box has worked pretty well.  Sad to say, however, we have so much stuff around here that half of what ends up in the ransom box isn't missed for days. Not only that, our children aren't really motivated to do chores to get everything back. I think there are a pair of Crocs, some random toys, and a few books that have been in there for two weeks! Hmmmmm...well, I can't really blame them. Why would you choose to clean toilets to get your Crocs back if you have five other pairs of flip flops, sandals, or sneakers to wear?  My solution is this: we are going to DONATE the items if they aren't rescued from the box within one week.  If our kids can live without it for a week and they aren't willing to do a chore to get it back, then there is probably someone else out there who needs it more than they do. 
Wait a minute.
Maybe grownups need ransom boxes too! ;)
Hope you are finding ways to have a clutter-free summer!