Other People's Goods: Lowcountry Craigslist Deals

Elisabeth Bova
A couple years ago I vented on Bovagoods about my frustrations with Craigslist. While I still think things can be overpriced here in the Lowcountry, I was able to find a few goods today that caught my attention. 
1. CABINET: Hear me out on this one....this cabinet is listed for $90. That seems like a steal to me. Look at all the storage this would offer. I like the curved lines of the bottom and that it has legs.  And, yes of course I would paint the heck out of it! This would be adorable in a child's room filled with books and games.
2. CAFE CHAIRS: There are two of these cute little cafe chairs. They are listed for $25 each. I love the rustic quality of the woven seat paired with the quirky swirled metal back.
3. HUTCH: I actually think this china hutch is pretty in it's natural wood finish (GASP!)....although, imagine it in sleek shiny black with patterned wallpaper lining the back of the shelves! I like the clean simple lines and at $200 I would really consider this piece if I needed something like this. I kind of wish it had some legs to stand on though.
4. FAN: How cool is this restored vintage floor fan? Oh, those red blades are calling out to me! And look a the base...how pretty is that? It's listed for $125.  Because I have children this wouldn't be a safe choice for us- with the unprotected blades- or I would be making a phone call!
5. BED: I really love old metal beds. This one needs some paint but for $50 I think it is priced right.
6. ORANGE CHAIRS: These vintage chairs are so fun.  If the fabric is in good condition, it might even be fun to leave the orange and paint the wood white. They are listed for $150 for the pair. That's a lot of personality for $150.
7. WAGON: This cute little wagon is listed for $50. I could see using this to cart supplies around the yard while gardening or place it in the family room with stacks of books in it.
8. TWIN BEDS: I am a sucker for rooms that have matching twin beds.  These sleigh beds look like they are in pretty good condition. I think $350 is a great price for both of these.
9. METAL BEDS: Ahhh....more metal beds. I'm not sure if it's the beds I like or the fact that they are sitting in the middle of a field. You can get both of these for $180.  
10. TYPEWRITER: Old typewriters are so cool. I love the way they look on display. This one at $20 would be a fun purchase.
*Please remember to be safe with Craigslist transactions. Never go alone to someone's home and always meet at a public space like a Wal-mart parking lot whenever possible.