Pinterest Goods: Are your Pins Illegal?

After reading this I am deleting my Pinterest account... NEVER, no way. But you sure can bet I am Pinning and Proceeding with caution
A friend of mine Pinned this image the other day:
I re-Pinned.
Then I clicked through and actually read the article. 
How often do you do that? Actually click through and read it now instead of, "Whew, it's I can go back and read that later".
Wow, I am so glad I read it right away.
This blogger is raising some very important Legal issues regarding Pinterest that I had no clue existed!
While I'm not running over Pinterest and deleting all my boards, I am definitely Pinning forward with Care and Caution.
If you are a Pinner...then I highly suggest you click on through and read this very well written post by "Blogging With Amy".