How do you promote or share your work with others & what advice can you give to other creatives in your field? How do you self-promote when you're not a born self-promoter?

Grit has gotten 6 fresh new voices over the past few weeks. Meet them all here!

Libraries: They're for more than just checking out the latest novel for your wine...er, book club. Over the years, libraries have become progressive hubs where individuals can come together to learn about everything from self-publishing to cutting-edge technology, and they often offer free educational workshops, events, and seminars to encourage public participation. Enter the DIY Fest.

The Fashion 360 Conference brings industry experts together for a day of panels sure to get the creative juices flowing.

Your job? Music? Your heart? A brand new baby girl? Life? Here's what patients, nurses, doctors, and visitors at Bon Secours St. Francis Hospital in West Ashley had to say on the subject...

You're going to want to keep an eye on this girl—meet Emma DeMuth, high school freshman who's adding "levitation photography" to a list of creative pursuits that's wise beyond her years

That blog of yours should be offered as a prescription sedative. Here are the top 5 reasons your business' blog is awful, and what you can do right now to revive it

Big deal or not? I sat down with founder Stan Gray—something of a creative rabble-rouser himself—to sort out why (and IF) we should care about the latest on Charleston's looong roster of "it" events

The fashion-filled bootcamp continues! Here's the behind-the-scenes breakdown from yesterday—from custom fit duds from Mychael Knight to tales of the over-served at the Rarebit after party

Serving up healthy supper fare can be simple and delicious. I recently invited Grit blogger Chassity Evans and some mutual friends over to show just that. On the menu? Lots of veggies!

Though I'm fairly certain this piece will get me fired from Grit (and my wife has advised strongly against it), here it is... Six real-clear thoughts on breast-feeding in today's culture

A "wild" thing happened when I fell in love with a book I bought by accident...

There are many adventures ready to be had here in the Lowcountry. Some just require a bit of gas, an RC Cola, and a willingness to turn down that unfamiliar road

When words fail, let the music play. This Saturday's Marley Lion Music Festival will bring together our community to remember, celebrate, laugh, cry, and heal following the tragedy in our own backyard

I know, you can't believe you watched another episode of it either... But here we are, so you might as well read on

After reading this I am deleting my Pinterest account... NEVER, no way. But you sure can bet I am Pinning and Proceeding with caution