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Amy Smith

How do you promote or share your work with others & what advice can you give to other creatives in your field?





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What's funny about this question is I just mulled over it with my brother a lot. We basically decided he was going to start doing my marketing for me. ;)


Truth be told—I'm not a big self-promoter.


When I'm with people and someone mentions blogging or writing and one of my friends brings up my blog to strangers, I get super sheepish and feel so odd saying, yeah, I have a blog, here is a business card, go check it out - because I'm awesome. ;)


It's something I've been wanting to work on, because I would love to see where this little blog could one day go—and what it is capable of. Readership is so finicky, just as the relationships are that you build with your readers.  
golden rule of promotion—building relationships with those that read your blog; connecting with them, making them feel at home. At least that is my goal.


I know i've lost readers. I know i've gained readers. So, should start out a little weird and awkward (at least from my experience). Tweets, Instagram posts, Hashtag creations: #takingstepshome #takingstepshometravel #smithsiblingtrip #alovephotography are a few that I've created along the way (although someone else uses my photography hashtag here and there *eyes on you friend, eyes. on. you!*).


But once you get the hang of posting on multiple social media platforms (it's true, it's how you grow), it becomes second nature. And you learn your own little time table of when you should plug each section and what you should say...but if I'm being honest, it is still a little weird to be all, hey, shout-out, come read my stuff!. ;) So just find your groove and stick to it for a little while.


My advice:


Be you.
There is only one you.
Your voice.
Your thought process.
Your communication,
Your way of seeing the world.
So don't measure your work with this harsh guideline that you should be doing X,Y,& Z because it worked for so-and-so.
Blogging isn't a one-size-fits-all world. Nope.
I don't market my blog or promote it the way other people do...but there are some tried-and-true methods that work and bring readership and help you to connect with others.
Pinterest, facebook, instagram (huge right now!), google +, twitter, bloglovin, feedly = all social media platforms to share your posts and find new people.
I'm also super guilty of leaving business cards when I go places.
Coffee shops, dinner, in those business card bowls to win stuff (I have yet to win!)