My CFW Style Diary: Day 2

Ayoka Lucas

Day 2: Baker Motor Company Charleston Fashion Week


9 a.m. Tweeting style tips for the Smartwater 'Ask Ayoka' Haute Hydration campaign while eating a full plate of eggs and grits. My feet have killed themselves so I'm wearing these awesome Daniel Green slippers that were gifted to our Panel! Sarah Parrott and Nikki Poulos join me for some CFW recap, which starts off with "What happened last night?"


10:30 a.m. Blogging and then a quick siesta! I can hear the luncheon for MUSC Children's Hospital happening in Marion Square and it seriously sounds like they are partying hard at 11 a.m.! All for a great cause!


Noon Style intern Jessica arrives with lunch from Juanita's! My fave! Chicken Taco Salad! I can't eat it fast enough. Oh no... now I want to nap again. 


1 p.m. A box of custom-designed dresses arrives from my dear friend designer Mychael Knight and I'm in tears of pure joy! 


2:45 p.m. Production meeting time! We go over the little things for fine tuning the night!  


3:15 p.m. Channel 4 arrives and we film a quick interview on the runway. I just love being in the tent when it's sleeping and peaceful—makes me appreciate the vibrancy of the night! Tim from PDA sneaks in another camera and we just knock out the opener for Behind The Style there. Perfect! Don't have to do it later! When you are on an hour-by-hour schedule for five days you appreciate the little breaks. 



3:30 p.m. Checking out backstage where the models are already starting hair & makeup! I love to see them in their "model-off-duty" looks! Some good style moments going on there! I thank them for last night, catch up with a few and encourage them that this is their time to shine! Love our model army!


4 p.m. Naptime! Well I try at least, but I can't stay off of my phone answering texts, tweeting and re-tweeting, reviewing footage from last night, tagging photos, etc. I have that modern-day phone disease where you are on it every five seconds! I do manage to get 30 minutes of beauty rest. 


5:15 p.m. Scrambling to get dressed! I end up going with a vintage number from my own personal clothing archives! Throw on some Angela Hall jewelry and pop my hair into a side pony, motorcycle jacket in tow. Why did winter decide to come now? 


6:30 p.m. Backstage with the Fashion Panel to review the Emerging Designers' looks. I'm feeling for the judges because this year's competition is fashion-packed full of talent. So many incredible fashion moments!



6:50 p.m. More press and red carpet photos as we all head to the Style Lounge. I can hear the CFW Video Confessional rocking and rolling!




7:40 p.m. The shows start and I am speechless from the caliber of talent this season. So beyond! I feel proud that even despite a production nightmare just days before, designer Jamie Lin Snider was able to present a stunning, unforgettable collection. Some of her gold embroidered lace gowns took my breath away. Fashion coma!





8:30 p.m. Stevie Boi, one of Lady Gaga's designers, joins us on the front row and we get back into the shows! Both he and I shed a tear for the Neve/Hawk show and jump to our feet with much of the audience for the finale. Those mini-models just get me every time!! I love that tonight we witnessed several standing ovations and the tents were alive with infectious energy! People left wanting more... and we've got it! 



10:30 p.m. We are all having a love fest at Mynt, reflecting on what an awesome night we had! Dancing ensues! 


1 a.m. John Adamson holds the kitchen open for us at Rarebit and the CFW crew files in 20 deep. Best experience and best late-night eats! This is what community is all about! Beautiful! 


Get ready for Day 3...


Bonus! Wednesday After After-Party Notes from Loren Springsteen, Style Assistant


I have to admit, last night ended with me eating a patty melt. Ya know, a burger on rye toast—a staple in every model's diet (ha). So I would call the night a hit. Thanks to John Adamson, owner of Rarebit, for saving the night and keeping the kitchen open late for us. We walked (aka limped) our way from the after party at Mynt to Rarebit on Upper King Street with a crew of more than 20 people and all squished together in booths to devour plates of chicken and waffles, huevos rancheros, onion rings, and good ole mac 'n cheese (see: fashion people do eat!). Divine way to end night two of Charleston Fashion Week.




A highlight of the evening:

Where: Rarebit

Who: “Random drunk sweatshirt girl”

When: 2 a.m.

What: Drunkest girl at the party decided to make some small talk with Anna, assistant to the production director, and myself. Arriving at our table, she squats down in her sweatshirt with glazed eyes and asks "Is this Hall’s?" Again... we are at Rarebit. She proceeds to ask "What is going on here?" We tell her about CFW, and she asks us an additional three times what bar she is in. All I want to do is eat! Sweatshirt Girl (as I will refer to her) goes on to ask why we seem to be giving her the cold shoulder (by eating, that is), and to honestly tell her what our problem is. She realizes again that we are "fashion people" and insists that we are judging her because of her college sweatshirt. My food awaits. At this point the Jersey girl in me starts to wake up, so I say, “Honestly? I want to enjoy the rest of my night with friends and eat this patty melt. Have a good night.” Clearly she will be having a moral hangover today... and definitely a pounding headache. I think Charleston deserves the 4th drunkest city title, just saying. It’s all in good fun, and CFW has a tendency to bring out a little  "college sweatshirt" in all of us, no?


See you all tonight under the tents for Belk night!