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Want to look hip at Fashion Week this year but don’t want to blow your paycheck?

Holistic Education and Art Recreation Therapy (HEART) is a healthy and creative day program for adults with special needs. In July, they welcomed guests to a fashion show sponsored by Palmetto Goodwill at St. Barnabas Lutheran Church.

Backstage beauty at Charleston Fashion Week, courtesy of Bailey Bial.

With your confessor, Charleston comedian Jeremy McLellan

With your confessor, Charleston comedian Jeremy McLellan

Rory Gruler reflects on her six years as digital director of Charleston Fashion Week®.

Charleston Fashion Week® is a marathon, not a sprint. Jeremy McLellan didn't get the memo.

Gorgeous comes in all sizes, but the Chanel ski pants hanging in my closet do not. Uh-oh.

Scott Carpenter, community manager of Yelp Charleston, explains how volunteering at Charleston Fashion Week gave him the tools necessary to land a new gig.

When two of Charleston's premier beauty and fashion experts get together, you'd better pay attention. Andrew C. Petersen and Ashley Brook Perryman cover everything from CFW to new makeup trends.

Back with more! The style genius Ayoka Lucas give us her thoughts on the second night of Charleston Fashion Week as a designer, style critic, and even as a mother.

If you haven't gotten your fill of Charleston Fashion Week, how about looking through the brainchild of the entire operation? That's right, here's Ayoka's take on night one of life under the tents.

Andrew C. Peterson's Q&A brings us inside the mind of fashion pro Julie Wheat of Cavortress, and her take on makeup, clothing and accessories on and off the runway.

Charleston Fashion Week model coordinator Joe Quinn hits the NYFW scene and gives up the goods—Lady Gaga, Courtney Love, a private viewing at the Tibi studio, run-ins with CFW alum... it's all here

It took a few days, but here it is: the final CFW video confessions! Complete with incognito fur, a sexy six-four non-model rocking the booth, and why the gals just can't cover up in chilly temps

Now that Fashion Week's behind us, it's time to call attention to the catwalkers who made the show. From the standout youngsters to the most dedicated, here they are: The CFW Model Superlatives

Who really stole the show(s)? this week under the tents? Was it charmer Afriyie, tulle queen Siobhan Murphy, hot-shot Christian, or those decadent brides on Saturday? Here we go...