A Q&A With Ashley Brook Perryman

Andrew C. Petersen

Years after I had first rolled up my brushes and headed south I started to hear about the magic strokes of makeup brushes being swished all over the Peninsula and all over the country. I think by my ego ran to the computer and googled Ashley Brook Perryman before my fingers could. There she was, the exact opposite of me. Charming, gorgeous, tiny, and luscious locks of blonde hair. Different or not, I had to get to know her, know her work. As an artist I have found that you learn so much more by appreciating the works of others with open eyes and an open heart. She was and is genius to me. The girl never loses her spirt, her love of her craft, and always comes at you with a smile. I have loved and feel very honored to get to know her more and more over the years. Oh, and yes we will find time for that coffee date that we planned 4 years ago:) Huge congrats to you and your team! Once again your looks and vision of beauty that cascaded down the runway were gorgeous after gorgeous.

I wanted to make this blog a little different then others. I asked Ashley to write me a simple email about her involvement with Charleston Fashion Week, her passions, history etc. I felt that this was very important because then the words are trully coming from such a special place......Ashley's heart!

Here ya go and Enjoy!

Hi Andrew!

I cannot thank you enough for featuring me and my team! SO humbled and excited! I graduated the Makeup Designory (MUD) almost 10 years ago, and I am so very thankful for this amazing career, and wonderful people that have been a part of my life. I am mostly involved in TV, commercial and print work, and fashion, and have been traveling quite a bit in the past couple of years doing what I love.

This is my 4th year since founding the hair and makeup team, 7th official CFW. I interned/volunteered the first two years, and Ayoka Lucas, the creator and visionary behind Charleston Fashion week, was kind enough to give the opportunity to work as the hair and makeup liaison, where I worked with her on the creative with the retail stores and designers and relayed the information to the team in trainings. It was such an honor to work with so many awesome artists and stylists.

As years passed, and the event got bigger, we needed a bigger team. This is what inspired my idea for the hair and makeup team, just like New York, or LA fashion week. I had a dream of bringing hair styists and makeup artists from different backgrounds to work together under one tent, for an amazing week of hair and makeup. I knew it would be amazing, but spent many late nights, and hours to plan it that first year as it would be the first hair and makeup team for CFW involving stylists and makeup artists from different areas and backgrounds. The key to our team's success from day 1 was positivity AND talent. There are many talented people out there, but finding talent and a team player is the key.

I am constantly inspired by so many amazing stylists and artists who return to work with us every year, and new talent who joins us every year. I cannot believe it has been 4 years since I founded this amazing team. We all learn so much together, from each other, and continue to challenge our creativity. As far as what I do day to day, my work for CFW really starts in July/August. Planning trainings, auditions, and creative. With that, I have an amazing team of assistants, Lauren Boyce, and Emma Maybury, and 2 stellar interns this year, Nikki Di Maria, and Tayler Ward. I call them Team ABP :) I could NOT do this event without these girls. They are all so hard working, and incredibly smart young women. I am proud to have them on my team. 

I feel that the hair and makeup styling community has grown significantly since founding the CFW hair and makeup team, and seeing the talent, and careers that are inspired after participating on our team is incredible. Embracing the incredible talent of those around us, and celebrating each other's work is so incredibly positive and inspiring. I am so proud of everyone who is on our team, as they are such positive and talented people. No one has an ego, and no job is too big or too small. We are a team, a family, and come together to create some really awesome hair and makeup for 40+ runway shows all in one week.

Thank you Ashley!!! XO

Once I recieved her response I then went and sent questions to her that I thought might really touch her soul, reveal some beauty secrets, and really makes her stand out!

ACP:  What are we seeing different in makeup this season? Color, texture, etc?
ABP: It's all about the BROWS and Lips! You will see much fuller brows hitting the runway, and a bold/ dark lip statement for this season, we are having so much fun with it!

ACP: Trend of the season that you love and detest:)?
ABP: LOVE that beautiful, skin is always in, and everyone is rocking a bold lip statement on and off of the runway. I don't currently detest any trends at the moment! It's fashion and trends are exciting!

ACP: How do you take runway makeup to reality or to the everyday woman?
ABP: You don't have to be a model to have a flawless foundation or wear a lipstick that's a statement that compliments your skin. Try one look at a time, don't do a bold eye and lip all at once :)

ACP: Three products that are always in your kit?
evian spritz water
chanel cake eyeliner
makeup forever HD foundation
Beauty Blenders

ACP:  Your makeup icon either an artist or just someone who wore or always looks flawless?
ABP: Pat Mcgrath
Sarah Lucero for Stila
James Vincent
Orlando Santiago
Joanna Schlip

ACP:  A product or specific look that is timeless?
ABP:  Mariyln Monroe of course- Perfect brows, highlight, contour, lashes, timeless

ACP:  What to really invest in $$$ when it comes to makeup?
ABP: Brushes, skin care, and a fabulous mascara :)

ACP:  A previous look that you created that you will always remember?
ABP:  Christian Siriano, and All of the emerging designers avante gard looks are so fun!

ACP:  A fond and fabulous makeup memory of Behind the Beauty scene at CFW?
ABP:  Seeing my team working so hard on over 45 shows each year, they are amazing! 

There you have it baby dolls and hell, I just looked at my alarm clock! I better get to sleep or I am going to have to blow up Ashley's phone in the morning and have a little help to look presentable. Thank you Ashley from my heart for always being so welcoming to me. You could have a nemesis but you chose to be a friend and that speaks volumes. I will always love watchng you work because of the passion you put into it. I love the tricks that you have shown me and maybe I have thrown one your way too. I hope that late this Sunday nigh after Charleston Fashion Week you are getting some much needed rest. Love ya baby and yes we are finally going to get that coffee!!!

(Images via CharlestonMag, ABP.com)