How to properly apply blush, most importantly on your wedding day. What products to use, and how to perfect the skin first.

8 simples steps for looking fresh faced and fabulous on your big day

When two of Charleston's premier beauty and fashion experts get together, you'd better pay attention. Andrew C. Petersen and Ashley Brook Perryman cover everything from CFW to new makeup trends.

Andrew C. Petersen takes to the tents in search of this year's hottest looks at Charleston Fashion Week. Along with some old friends, and some new, he gives a recap of the night's sights and sounds.

Fashion Week is HERE and if you're wondering if there are any do's and don'ts, let blogger Andrew C. Peterson tell you how to behave at the tents from his years of experience.

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To get you ready for spring (and CFW!), I spoke with global makeup artist Juan Carlos Belmonte to learn the beauty looks on trend now. Spoiler: defined lips and eyes, and beautiful skin—SANS makeup

That is, what's your frame of reference for sizing folks up? Are you willing to look past an imperfect exterior to see the light within, or does anything less than surface perfection turn you off?

Red. Bright, bold, check-me-out red. Here are need-to-know steps to achieving the timeless, alluring look, so that you can wear the color without the color wearing you

It's exhausting, not to mention mostly unattainable (just ask all 49,500 people who Googled "perfectionism" last month!). Here are 5 tips for bagging the impossible quest

I beg to differ. That, and three other big reasons why I never made it to the Olympics Games

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When Fashion Director Ayoka Lucas said we were going to Fashion Camp, she meant it, although I feel a little bit more like I just came from an episode of Survivor...

Were local fashionistas' party faces fit for a night of fashion, or a bit of a snooze. Depends on which night you went...