More Than Just Charmed

Andrew C. Petersen


For weeks now I have been hearing a fabulous rumor that the gorgeous Tinsley Mortimer was coming to our quaint city to sign copies of her new book, Southern Charm. Gossip, you might say… Certainly not in Charleston! (Wink). But then, as quickly as the buzz came over King Street, so did the confirmation. Any doubts I had of Tinsley coming were tossed out like last season's colors when the fabulous Stacy Smallwood stated that not only would the Southern-girl-now-Manhattan-socialite be gracing Charleston, but she would be making her appearance at one of the chicest spots in our city... Stacy’s own boutique, Hampden Clothing


When I Googled Southern Charm, Tinsley's much-talked-about new release, I was intrigued to say the least. "A modern Manhattan fairytale with the sparkle of a champagne cocktail, Tinsley Mortimer’s debut novel provides a delicious peek into her world of society, fashion, and big-city fame," said a review on Amazon. And the novel's main character, Minty Davenport (also a Southern-gal-turned-Manhattan-socialite), was born and raised here in Charleston, explaining Tinsley's trip to town. 




I need to be part of this immediately!! I thought. So I was delighted when Stacy asked if I could come into the store for the afternoon and do makeup. I believe she mentioned champagne as well, and I have never been one to turn down gorgeous girls and champagne. So off I went yesterday to Hampden Clothing. Before Tinsley's arrival I quickly touched up the crew of fabulous girls working the shop (Stacy was already rocking a rich red Chanel lip color).


Since it's starting to get warmer here in Charleston, I wanted to keep the makeup light, but I still wanted it to have a presence and to suit the occasion. I applied the latest in pastels to each girl’s lash line, the shade dependent on the coloring of the girl. On the brunettes I applied lavender and lilac cream shadow right against the lash line, and on the blondes I used the color of the season, which is… (don't freak out on me)… a beautiful shade of light blueThese ethereal colors make the whites of the eyes pop and immediately wake you up like a blooming bouquet of spring flowers. Remember though, apply only along the upper lid lash line and no higher than the crease of the eye.


Next, I lined the eyes with rich aborigine pencil and loaded on the black mascara so that we had the drama while keeping the look both strong and soft. I finished off my lovely friends with a pop of pink bronzer mixed with a peony pink blush on the high apples of the cheek and a smidge of sheer pink lip gloss on the bare lip. Stunning and simple!


Where is Tinsley, you ask? Don't worry my loves!! I am getting to the best part. The event was running a little behind schedule, and when this bombshell walked through the door, I knew why! Honey, if I had to look that flawless and could apply faux lashes that perfect, I would be a little behind schedule myself... she looked AMAZING! I asked her if she had done her own makeup and she said yes. Now that is a girl who knows how to work a brush, I thought to myself. 



I was thrilled when Tinsley said that she wanted to try a new foundation and that her friend Kelly Killoren Bensimon from The Real Housewives of New York City loves Laura Mercier products. Tinsley said she wanted something that gave coverage without looking heavy, so I quickly applied Laura Mercier Creme Smooth Foundation in warm ivory with a sponge to her cheeks. I then showed her my favorite technique for softening a look. To add luminosity and a youthful glow, I apply Laura Mercier Copper Glow Veil with my fingertips over the foundation on the cheeks and the forehead. This is a trick that works on everyone—I love it. You get coverage but never look overdone.



What a gorgeous afternoon! Thank you Stacy Smallwood and your crew, I adore you! I had so much fun at this event that I only have one regret... I was so busy doing makeup that I did not get to finish my champagne!