Take It Off!

Andrew C. Petersen

Take it off! I mean really take it off and show what Mother Nature gave you. Perfect, nude, bare, and blushing skin! Let go of the cover up—lose it to the summertime breeze—and bask in your own natural glory. Obviously I'm speaking of face makeup, you dirty little minds. Any other subject at hand and one would think that I was writing for the wrong blog.  


Summer is the time to be free, when we stop hiding under wool sweaters, cardigans, and turtlenecks, and the same should be said for the foundation that we have on our skin. A sweater would not only make you sweat your butt off in this heat, it would practically kill you. And so will a heavy, cakey face of makeup. It is out of place, it is unnatural, it is uncomfortable, and, most importantly, it is unneeded.  


Instead, opt for a tinted moisturizer, my dear, which will hydrate, even out your skin tone, and, as it usually contains SPF, it will protect your skin from one danger of summer... the damaging effects of too much sun. If a liquid foundation does not float your boat, opt for a mineral powder, either loose or pressed, which will accomplish the exact same thing. This works well for those with oilier skin types, and, honey, at this time of year in the South who knows the difference between oily or sweaty—compliments of the ungodly humidity. 


Tinted moisturizers come in regular formulas, oil-free formulas, mousse, and gels. Take your pick for what works best for your skin, depending on the texture that you are comfortable with. You can find them in more high-end department stores as well as drugstores, and the same goes for powders, so make your pick based on your budget. Just be sure the makeup matches your skin tone—never go darker to get a bronzed look. Use a bronzer for that. (In my next post, I will be giving the latest in perfect summer bronzing tips for all you glowing beauties that want a hint of color but appreciate the benefits of practicing safe sun habits.)


Application Process

1.  Apply sunscreen liberally! Child, don't make me go there!!!

2.. Add a dab of primer suitable for your skin type to keep product in place in this humidity. (Refer to previous blog, "The Perks of Primer.")

3. For tinted moisturizer, use your fingers and/or a sponge and start from the center of face and blend out. This is a sheer and therefore mistake-proof product, so don't be stingy when applying the "good stuff!"

4. For powder, I always like to apply with a brush rather than the sponge or puff that may have come with the product. It will give a more seamless, even application and it will prevent the powder from giving you that pesky caked-on look. 

5. If you need a little extra coverage, apply concealer on trouble spots.


ACP Product Picks—from luxury picks to the more affordable.


Tinted Moisturizers:

1. RéVive (This one is a splurge but, honey, talk about going on smooth!) 

2. Laura Mercier (This is the original tinted moisturizer—it is flawless! Fun fact: One sells every 30 seconds in the world!)

3. Boots Soft and Sheer Tinted Moisturizer (Goes on seamless.)

4. Neutrogena’s Healthy Skin Tinted Moisturizer (Great for sensitive skin.)


Powder Foundations:

1. La Bella Donna Powder (This is a powder that is actually good for the skin! It is all natural and only has four ingredients in it.)

2. Guerlain Parure Gold (Certainly a splurge but the compact is GORGEOUS and the powder actually contains gold.)

3. Physicians Formula Mineral Wear Face Powder SPF 16 (Translucent and long-wearing properties.)

4. Revlon Colorstay Aqua Mineral Makeup (A wide variety of shades and a sheer coverage at a very good price.)