I was graciously invited back again this year. Last year’s conference focused a lot on the political forces in play. This year’s conference went beyond politics to really address the core of the #MeToo movement and the women’s movement in general.

World's largest oyster festival was a crowded, wet, shucking good time. Take that, rain.

Private social clubs are booming in popularity, and it's about time Charleston finally got one.

If Charleston fall is a bust, you can drive 4 hours north and find it again!

Another way to get around the city! Read what's up with Charleston's new bike share: can you see yourself on these holy spokes?

Shep Rose takes a look into #BREXIT, immigration, and America, dammit!

On Tuesday, June 14th, the citizens of Charleston will take to the polls to decide who will win in several key primaries. Here Mr. Steven Smith, Republican candidate for SC State House 15, speaks to Grit Contributor Lorena Jordan on his life and issues.

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In 2014 my first piece with Grit was something along the lines of “All the things your stylist wishes you knew”. For over a year I’ve read that particular piece and gotten tons of feedback from other stylists during my travels about the things they would add to it. I can’t help but find some of these things just hysterical and some of them necessary to repeat.

Every wonder how to stay on track with your New Year's Goals and Resolutions? Ever thought about massage therapy as a Solution? You may be surprised how much it can help!

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Learn how to make more time to take care of yourself and fit massage into your life.

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Why dance is the ultimate therapy

And I don’t really want one either

Does money, or the lack thereof, limit your ability to receive regular massage? Let's change that perception!

Need to get away from the heat for a bit of fun? Nantahala Outdoors Center is the perfect getaway.

From stress relief to better brain function, there are so many reasons to practice yoga outdoors.

Much to the annoyance of my friends. fatherhood has rekindled an old love of mine: photography.