Introducing The Wonderer: Charleston's Social and Wellness Club

Betsey Geier

Have you heard about The Wonderer?

In short, it’s the first private social club in downtown Charleston complete with an event space, a Junior-Olympic sized pool, restaurant, sports bar, fitness center, wellness bar, co-working spaces, and more.

The first phase of the project, which is the event space known as “The Garden,” will open this Fall just in time for holiday parties, happy hours, corporate events, weddings, and anything else you can imagine.

The event space can be rented out by anyone, but the private social club will be members only. 

Though private social clubs make me think of the Gilded Age, new clubs are popping up throughout the country and established ones, like the famous Soho House, are growing in popularity. But, they aren't cheap. 

The current Tier 1 membership pricing will expire on October 1. A single initiation fee of $750 is required, and then single monthly dues are $175. If you’re married and want to join as a couple, the dual initiation fee is $1,000 and the dual monthly dues are $250.

The current pricing structure is subject to change.

Once you get past the initial sticker-shock of the initiation fee, the monthly fees really aren't outrageous when you consider the many benefits. It's not just a social club, but a place to unite peers in professional, social, and health and wellness goals. 

“Our core mission is to help our members achieve a balanced lifestyle through a peaceful one-stop location. A by-product will be providing a place for people to connect, share experiences and build a stronger sense of community,” Beau Burns, founding partner, said.

The Wonderer brings together an impressive board of directors including leaders in the food and beverage industry, publishing, events and real estate.

On their website, The Wonderer cites their membership as “a diverse community of creative, entrepreneurial and influential leaders in Charleston who seek a meaningful balance between social connection, professional life, and personal wellness.”

“I think the young professional crowd will enjoy that this space as it offers an exclusive, wellness-centric, collaborative environment to inspire and foster new connections be it socially or for business,” Lauren Turgeon, a board member and event co-chair, said.

As a young professional active in Charleston’s event community, she looks forward to staying involved through various projects at The Wonderer.

“The Wonderer is really for anyone who strives to be a hustler, a daydreamer, has an entrepreneurial spirit, business sensibility and wants to connect with others who inspire them. Additionally, the club will have a strong focus on health and wellness, so we help people find that balanced lifestyle; the work hard, play hard mentality,” Turgeon said.

To learn more about The Wonderer and to apply for membership, visit their website.