Fans of Prince, The Eagles, Elton John and Zac Brown Band are in luck this summer.

When your lofty aspirations are in the backyard.

The heat sucks, but bad attitudes suck more.

Hurry up and grab your tickets for the collaboration of the spring: Veuve Clicquot and Charleston Wine + Food's Spring Street Party in the Old Village of Mount Pleasant—Friday, May 20, at 5 p.m.

Farewell sweet summertime soirées, picnics on the beach and backyard barbecues... and hello, fall!

Guest blogger Tom Isaksen was visiting Charleston from his hometown of Sydney, Australia on the night of June, 17th when Dylann Roof viciously took the lives of nine members of Emanuel AME Church. Here, he remembers the horrifying event.

Are we too modest for Charleston nudity?

An interview with the Hair Guru of Charleston, Butch Jones, Artistic Director at Stuart Laurence Salon

The most effective ways to use liquid lipsticks, providing hours of wear even through date nights and Charleston’s sticky humidity.

Take our advice and be a tourist for a day. From the dreaded "booty bench" on carriage tours to charming houses in the Historic District, you'll keep finding more reasons to love this city.

This is one blog I am very glad to be writing this in past tense... Trust me, I can't make this she/it up

One night, three venues, four decidedly different music acts. Perhaps my brain wrote a check that my body barely covered... but it was a damn fun night out in Charleston. Read on for reviews

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Could Barbie and The Missing F be coming to the Lowcountry in the near future? Read this, "The Bachelorette" finale recap to find out (there are absolutely no answers to that question)...

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I have one word for you this summer: bronzer. Here's how to get that coveted sun-kissed glow without damaging your skin (or turning into a pumpkin)

With the carefree spirit of the season in mind, let your skin breathe! Here's how to pull off "less is more" in summer beauty

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