Blog of the Week: Cator's NYFW Blitz!

Blog of the Week: Cator's NYFW Blitz!

A whirlwind tour of fashion houses and runways, martini-soaked parties and madras-clad men. We count down Grit's top 5 favorite photos from the blog trilogy—you gotta see these again

Freelance journalist and fashion blogger Cator Sparks rocked us this week with his whirlwind tour of Manhattan fashion houses and runways, martini-soaked parties and madras-clad men. A mad dash to the best of spring couture was what it was, a high-octane ride and you can't skip a second. Lucky for us, he wouldn't dream of it. We caught up with him briefly last night, just one day after the tents in New York finally went quiet. He'd just finished a bit of yoga, which we took as a sign that the fashion frenzy had finally started to give way to a little serenity, stillness... rest.


Not us though; we're still reeling from his blockbuster blogs, those inside looks at all that luxe. And a big hats off to his trusty lensman Giuliano CorreiaThe photos were stunners—we felt like we were right there with you both, laughing along with those bejeweled dames at Verdura, cutting a rug with K. Cooper Ray, and even lounging cityscape-style in Anna Laub bikinis, looking as fab as those million-dollar models. Cator, thanks for bringing us along for the ride.


Below is where we typically repost the winning blog, but because it was a trilogy, how about this? Here are our Top 5 photos from the 70+ he shared while hitting all those fashion houses. 



5. Cator wisely suggested a little bourbon might be in order while viewing this rather eccentric collection by Thom Browne. We think yes. (Pt. 3)


4. Oh, hell yes, gentlemen. Hell. Yes. Send those sunken-stomach boytoy models out for a burger and hand us some real men. Complete with real man clothes. These are actually the designers, Robert and Jeffrey of Costello Tagliapietra. (Pt. 2)



3. There doesn't appear to be an ounce of humidity up there, does there? Prism, by Anna Laub (Pt. 2)


2. Meet Yazbukey, who might as well be pointing to a tag that reads, "I dare you to have a little fun today. Really, do it. It won't hurt." (Pt. 3)


1. Cator and Yoko Ono. Enough said. (Pt. 1)