Q&A: What's NOW in Beauty

Andrew C. Petersen

Click… Click... Click... The streets of Charleston are abuzz with the sounds of fabulous motion. The horse-drawn carriages that tool locals and tourists around our fair city have been drowned out by six-inch heels worn by fashion divas. Yes, my dear… Charleston Fashion Week is here!


So let's get moving and kick off this fabulous week of beauty and fashion.


For today’s post, this blogger skipped the B.S. and went straight to the top by interviewing Juan Carlos Belmonte. Juan travels the world, bringing out the best of beauty in the women he meets. Directly from the catwalks in New York, Juan met with me to share his tips for the season. Questions were flying, and by the time the interview was over I could not tell who loved beauty more—Juan or me. I can tell you, though, that I learned some flawless tips for spring and so will you.  


ACP: What do you think is the major trend for spring when it comes to makeup?

JCB: The trends I have seen are actually more about radiant, flawless skin than they are about makeup. Definition is hot—of the eyes with a hint of cream gel liner and of the lips with a vibrant lip liner. That will keep you in tune with the coming looks.


ACP: What is your favorite tip or technique that you teach your clients?

JCB: When you are having a bad day, use some blush. It's an instant pick me up.


ACP: What is your favorite beauty product?

JCB: Lipstick. It gives you a whole new persona.


ACP: Why do you love makeup?

JCB: As an artist, it's instant gratification. You see an instant result and so does the client. Everyone is happy and everyone is beautiful.


ACP: What do you see in the immediate future for makeup and its direction?

JCB: Everyone will invest more in having healthy skin rather than trying to cover it up with makeup. The products you use will be instant enhancements instead of instant fixes.


ACP: What product should every woman own?

JCB: Laura Mercier's secret camouflage concealer. It’s perfect because you can customize the color and not wear foundation. This product is a go-to for celebrity makeup artists and clients alike.



Thank you, Juan Carlos Belmonte, for your quick talking and your fashion detail. When it comes to beauty, you are the go-to man.


As for this guy, I am putting on my own shoes (minus the six inches) and heading to the tents of Marion Square to report on Charleston's brightest fashion flair.