The Many Faces Of Beauty At This Year's Charleston Fashion Week

Andrew C. Petersen

Last night I brought it baby! Not my ipad, iphone, or my notebook. They were neatly tucked in my treasured Prada man purse that Trish McEvoy gave me for my 10 year anniversary. When I say I brought it, I am not even talking about my best fashion attitude. What I brought was the one and only Susannah Dellinger, the east coast senior executive for Trish McEvoy, who was being featured in the Style Lounge and by Ashley Brook Perryman on last nights last look video. Susannah may stand taller than me by a foot but you would never have known because she never stopped moving. Her heels, which she walks flawlessly in by the way, were treading over the floor of the tents with furry. I could only keep up simply because she had on a stunning sequined pencil skirt that was calling to me like a lighthouse to a ship. She was on a mission mission, to find the most stunning of stunning when it came to the patrons of last night's shows. I really wanted to see what looks were happening under the tents not only on the runway, but off, as well. I was not disappointed. I not only got some great photo's and some great tips, but met some lovely new friends! (By the way 50% of my new friends were already friends on FB, Twitter, and Instagram....If you missed that last part, that means drag you and yourself into the new century and embrace social media.)

Here is a light recap. I do have to say thank God that I am writing with my hands and not my legs because by the time I chased down my darling diva friend Susannah and her 6 foot long legs, I was beat. Therefore these pudgy little legs are resting for the afternoon.

I will start off with what I discovered when it comes to loves loves loves for spring makeup from Susannah herself. Over the amazing shrimp appetizer at Halls prior to the show, she shared that she was obsessed with matte lipstick, and had been inspired by my last blog featuring signature matte lipstick lover Juile Wheat of Cavortress. Susannah was reapplying her Trish McEvoy Essential Pencil in Sweet Berry and then quickly applied Vibrant Pink Lip Color before matting down with a tissue (gorgeous) She also always insists on black eyeliner and glowing skin regardless of the season. I love this look because it's timeless and mimics youth!

I then met up with makeup artists Michelle Crowe and Meghan Johnson in the style tent doing touch ups for Trish Mcevoy from sponsor Cos Bar. Michelle quickly informed me that she cannot stop selling and using Trish's liquid face color, which is a blush that comes in a pen and is climate proof. Meghan informed me that she changes it up with the coming of spring and has been focusing on less layers, playing with the texture of makeup, and using products to brighten the skin.

Next I ran into one of my dearest clients, who is such an amazing artist on another platform. Lynne Riding who teaches at the Art Institute and recently has been having quite a bit of coverage over her fabulous work. Lynne suggested with her fabulous british accent that she does not like to wear a lot of makeup but suggested brightening up your lip color for the spring/summer season.
Just as things seemed like they could not get any better, I ran into style guru Jess James who has her fabulous blog Style Fixx. I have had the pleasure of working with Jess for years on a number of occasions, and she told me that spring has brought her into loving a sheer lip color and shiny lip gloss as well as a brighter blush. I have to say this I her to look fresh and appropriate for March.
Then Susannah spotted something spectacular!!! A gorgeous woman in a to-die-for cat suit. I would have seen her too, I promise, but keep in mind I am a foot shorter! Melissa Barton baby, you knocked it out of the beauty park! She has two small kids, I learned, so makeup has to be quick. Melissa sticks to the classics. Brown for day Black for night. Black and smokey indeed! I asked Melissa if there was a current trend that she detested and boy did I get a heartfelt answer. She HATES any form of blue on the nails. "Thank God I don't wear polish," I though! Whew!
Shelby Davis of Cos Bar was looking fresh and radiant, so I could not help but stop and ask what was going on. She shared with me that she has been dabbling in the season's hottest colors, which are peaches and corals. I could not help but notice that little Miss Shelby had a golden tan. I could not help myself, "sun or bronzer?" I blurted out. She said "bronzer," but looked down when doing so with a little smirk, so the jury is still out on that one.
Then, rushing by looking fierce with the most precise cat eye and flawless red lips, was none other than client Lyndsey Petersen. I almost stuck my foot out to trip her but instead just gently grabbed her shoulder. "Red Lips?" I inquired. "Do tell?" Then she said it and I love her for saying it, wearing it, and meaning it. Lyndsey told me that she chose bold red lips because every woman should feel like a supermodel on and off the catwalk. Fabulous! I could not have said it better myself.
When it was time for the shows to begin, I made my last minute rush to the men's room before finding my seat in the media row under the main tent. This was one time that I was glad that I have to run to the boys room every 15 minutes. I bumped into to glamour gals and stopped in my tracks. It was none other than Jenny Dennis and Michelle Schneider from Skirt Magazine. They were rushing as well. Sorry ladies, for holding you up.  I asked them what products they switched to when fall comes to an end and spring is at our feet. Still in motion, Michelle said Mac Strobe Moisturizer and Jenny said the Trish Mascara that comes out of tubes that she gets from makeup artist Kori Mahoney.
I was beat and ready to hit the shows! With wednesday over with, we are halfway through Fashion Week! I ran to the tent got out my iPad and went to work snapping photo's and taking notes on the beauty looks straight from the runway, which will be coming up in my next blog. On a final note, I had a fabulous time and I love that Charleston Fashion Week, fashion, and beauty brings us all together. The night ended and I walked Susannah back to her car. I should have made her carry me!
Until next time, my dears.