CFW 2012 Beauty Farewell

Andrew C. Petersen

When Fashion Director Ayoka Lucas said we were going to Fashion Camp, she meant it, although I feel a little bit more like I just came from an episode of Survivor. We certainly had our beauty ups and downs and once again, my hat goes off to Makeup and Hair Director Ashley Brook Perryman (that is, of course, if I wore hats). Either way, that makeup maven and her team really just rocked the runway with the most beautiful hair and makeup. My favorite, of course, was the ethereal skin on the models that made them look like fashionable angels gracing us with their presence here on the runways at Charleston Fashion week 2012.

The first night Under the tents of Marion Square, my week started off not so beautiful...... I hated to say. I saw a true travesty in makeup, and that my dear, was that women were not wearing enough of it. There was a lack of color, a lack of depth, and not many congruent looks that flowed. I was a sad little makeup artist who yearned to see glamour on the red carpet and to see the looks from the runway translated into personal looks that could be worn on the streets. Well, ladies... or I should say you sly foxes you... things quickly turned around and I started to see pops of color on the mouths and on the cheeks, I saw subtle eyes, yet thy had the proper depth of liner and smokey accents. Skin glowed, attitude rocked, and I must say, there is nothing more beautiful that a woman who knows that she looks beautiful! You can have on pounds of makeup but if you do not have the right attitude, you disappear into the crowd and that, my dear, is a travesty.
So before I retire for the night and indulge with a Yves Saint Laurent Gommage scrub to remove a week sinful living from my skin, then indulge in a 29 Cosmetic antioxident grapeseed-enriched mask to put the life back, and finally dipping into a lavender bath to help me get over what a good friend just called the "fashion flu," I will leave you with some ACP tips on how to take the beauty highlights you saw on the runway to real life.
ACP Tip 1: It's all about glowing skin. Add a luminator under and over your foundation for that "ethereal" look that I had just spoke about. Clinique and Physicians Formula both make wonderful products for this.
ACP Tip 2: Invest in a brow pencil or powder as the looks on the runway featured subtle eyes framed beautifully. Even a full brow could use a little shape and grooming, darling.
ACP Tip 3:  Cream pink blush for the cheeks is a must for every skin tone. Flawless! 
ACP Tip 4:  And lips, my little makeup darling, should be blessed with creamy nudes and dabbed with a tissue. Gloss? Not today baby unless it is a sheer pop of color.
Again ladies of Charleston thank you for bringing your game, I had the honor of looking in your handbags on the red carpet and interviewing some fab ladies. I am just so proud of all of you that took that few extra minutes to get ready knowing that this was a "FASHION" event. I could just squeal with excitement! To look beautiful takes most of us a little extra time but what I think we learned ladies is that it is time well spent. Until next time my loves!
1. My Farewell to CFW survival kit.
2. Rory Johnson rocking it for Charleston Grit.
3. Ashley Brook Perryman on the mic.
4. Candice Colter
5. Devin Janes


(Main photo by Jonathan Balliet)