Mid-Week CFW Beauty Wrap-Up

Were local fashionistas' party faces fit for a night of fashion, or a bit of a snooze. Depends on which night you went...

On the runway and on location. From the models strutting their stuff down the runway to everyday Janes arriving to enjoy the fashion frenzy, who deserved to be seen and who should have (I am sorry to put it this way, honey) stayed in?

Tuesday night, the tents at Marion Square were abuzz—lights flashing, huddled masses waiting, shows starting—and let me tell you, I was blown away by the faces on the runway. Ashley Brook Perryman and her team outdid themselves with ethereal skin, pink and peach cheeks to die for, subtle eyes, and yes honey... a pop of color on the lip. My body twitched with the coming of each show.
Then it came time to "hit the streets" and see what the fashion goers had going on.... It's a once-a-year event, right? Surely, people are decked.
Underwhelmed I was. Sadly. I had to search high and low to find my diamond in the rough—meaning a look that someone off the street could pull off, rocking the hair, owning the makeup, and dressed to kill. I was bewildered, shocked. These were not my Charleston divas. I know that you are all out there, and maybe just weren't THERE, and I was discouraged.  
Then, like an Oasis of Beauty in a long lost stretch of desert I saw Toi Simpkins.... Oh my dear God she had a pop of color on her lips and her eyes... beyond fabulous.  I was reborn that moment as her fuschia lip brought me back from the dead.

Toi Simpkins had it going on with right-on trend makeup and hair!
I tracked down style director extraordonaire Ayoka Lucas, and she said she felt that the street makeup was right on, BUT she too was looking for a pop of color. Yep, this maven scratched me right where i itched. So I continued on my journey (which had now become a mission) to find the next flawless look. I bumped into the fabulous Mychael Knight and asked what he thought of the makeup and the beauty looks in the crowd. He said that he hadn't noticed. I have never heard words that were more true. Not to be noticed? That, my dear, is fashion suicide. This left me wondering what had happened? WHERE was the depth in eye makeup? WHERE was the rosy pink blush of the season? WHERE was the perfect pout? I knew my ladies of Charleston had more in them than this, and I wanted to scream at the top of my lungs: "Ladies, let go of your boundaries! This is Fashion Week!" 
If there was ever another time shine, this is it... GO FOR IT!
Alas, Chelsea Ravenel came to the rescue by bringing  me a super hottie that was a triple threat: flawless makeup, flawless hair, and a flawless wardrobe.... I bow to thee, thank you!  
Cathryn Stokes with luminous skin and the perfect lip!
Flash Forward to Wednesday Night... Ladies you did not just bring it, you owned it. WOW, you rocked this makeup artist's world. Stay tuned to see the highlight of Wednesday night when the glamorama of Charleston not only came to the show to represent, they kicked ass. You blew me away, and I cannot wait to share with the world. Last night I saw one flawless look after another, bold statements with hair and makeup. I was so excited, I was seriously bouncing from one fabulous woman to the next to capture their looks.  
The lesson here is when you wear sophisticated hair, you have to have sophisticated makeup and visa versa. For a time like Fashion Week, let go of your inhibitions, break out the liquid liner, add a little more color, bust out the lashes, and most importantly, have fun with your makeup while at the same time still being you!!
See you at the tents!