New Mom Makeup Tips

Andrew C. Petersen

I will never be a mom....that is a fact! I'll probably never be a parent to any creature other than my beloved bulldog, Napolean. But trust me that I have seen firsthand what parenthood has done to my friends, and although it is a beautiful thing, it can sometimes mean the end of our "heyday of selfishness," as women trade in designer purses for the latest in diaper bags, and a full makeup routine for a warm bath at the end of the day (when you're lucky). And no one has accomplished this amazing transition in more of a sleek and chic fashion as my dear friend Live 5 reporter Nicole C. Johnson.


My always sexy and understated friend Nicole at WCSC-TV has had quite a year! Always the career-driven women and someone so special to my heart, I have watched firsthand as motherhood has changed Nicole. Being a makeup artist first and foremost, I have watched in awe as Nicole has switched her priorities and how baby Liam has become the FOCUS—yet Nicole still looks flawless on air and off. How does she do it, you may ask? Well let's go straight to the source! In between being back on the set and feeding the little munchkin, Nicole found a few minutes to sit down with me and discuss her new makeup routine and how it has changed from Single Woman in the City (I did her wedding makeup a few years back) to the unstoppable force of nature that is this Working Mom on a Mission.


INSTANT EYE LIFT: If you can, try Benefiance Pure Retinol Instant Treatment Eye Mask. "It's like five minutes to fab! These little pads are soothing, refreshing, and definitely work to minimize fine lines," Nicole says. It's on the pricier side, so for those on a budget, she recommends Garnier's Under Eye Roller (find at any drugstore). These give you that long, lost look of rest that has become but a memory over the last few months.


ILLUMINATE AND CONCEAL: One of Nicole's favorites is under-eye concealer: Cle De Peau in Honey. This miracle product will hide even the worst night and immediately conceals fatigue. Every woman should have this in her makeup arsenal—even if you are not a new mommy! You will love it. Another Nicole tip is to use a little shimmery natural color such as Clinique Buttercream (champagne, pale pink) shadow near the tear ducts. "The tiniest bit of shimmer near the inner corner of the eye brightens your eyes just enough to make a big difference," she says.


SHAPE THOSE BROWS: Well-kept eyebrows help make the eyes pop, so pluck, trim, sugar, wax, or thread. "I am currently loving threading as it leaves a natural shape. My threader Ruppell is from India, where threading originated, and she has mastered her technique."


MAKE THEM POP: Mascara picks are Dior Show if you are able to get out of the house to buy some, or Maybelline Colossal Lash if you need an inexpensive quick fix. Nicole says both do a great job to thicken, lengthen, and curl to get you camera ready.


PUCKER UP: I love Laura Mercier plumper in Wildberry and Misui Beauty in Rainbow Row. New mom Nicole says your lips will look luscious, but sadly you can't kiss baby with these lip glosses on. The plumping action of the gloss may irritate baby's sensitive skin.


ABOVE ALL, HYDRATE! Water makes a world of difference to your skin


Thank you, gorgeous Nicole! Your tips are fabulous and as we finish up, I leave Nicole with my favorite tip for all my new moms on the go: Use multifunctional products, such as a bronzer that can go on the cheeks and the eyes, and a cream cheek color that can also be applied to the lips. I love Laura Mercier cream blush in Oleander and the brush that you apply it with—it is gorgeous on every complexion and perfect for the spring/summer season. I quickly give Nicole a kiss on the cheek and get out of her hair so that she can get back to work! She plants a kiss on my cheek too, I give a quick thought to her plumper gloss and her comment on sensitive baby skin, but there is no fear here..... this man of makeup can handle a little tingle.