LLL Fashion Wrap-Up: My Favorites

Chassity Evans

Let's get straight to the point. When Saturday night finally came around, everyone in the CFW tent knew that Afriyie Poku would claim the prize. The cheers that would erupt with any mention of his name were jolting, to say the least, for anyone like me who may have been catching up on her Instagram feed. 


I'll admit, Mr. Poku's gentleman's collection was very nice and presented beautifully paired with Adele's Sky Fall. I suppose he was, indeed, deserving of the emerging designer title. 



Plus, Mr. Poku's smile could light up the tents for days. What a charmer he is.



But I can't help but feel that Siobhan Murphy was stripped of some well deserved attention herself. Or maybe I'm just a tulle slut? What do you think?



Alas, Christian Siriano's show was the real highlight of the week for me. What a gorgeous collection he shared. But it was such a shame to see so many of his models stumble around on the runway. What the heck was going on. Nerves?



Oh wait, what am I saying. The Bridal Show was really my favorite. They handed out Hamby tea sandwiches and champagne for goodness sake.


And made dreams, big and small, come to life. That is what it's all about. Charleston should feel proud.


Photography by Glenn Barnette and Brianna Stello.