Fat Versus Fashion Week

Gorgeous comes in all sizes, but the Chanel ski pants hanging in my closet do not. Uh-oh.
Crown Jewels

I have spent literally seven or eight months collecting designer pieces from consignment stores, thrift stores, designer boutiques, and, of course, good ole eBay. I did all of this of this manic and selective shopping for Charleston Fashion Week ®  2015. Despite the workout I gave my fingers shopping online and the workout I gave my credit cards, somehow I missed out on giving my 5'8 body a workout and, of course, never tried anything on, thinking "I am sure that I am the same weight as I was last year!" That was until I tried on a pair of Karl Lagerfeld/Chanel ski pants that hang in my closet like the Crown Jewels in the Royal Palace in London. They did not fit like ski pants—they fit more like a an overpriced wet suit. "Dear Lord," I thought, "I have a better chance of wearing the price tags during CFW than the clothes that I spent a fortune on."


Now all I can say is that the game is on. With the days counting down, I am trying every diet that is out there. As I write, I have my Master Cleanse sitting next to me in a juice cup and cabbage soup is boiling on the stove. I have scoured the aisles of Rite Aid and become quite good friends with the folks at GNC. The dreaded treadmill looms at me as I write this, and I am now trying to figure out how I can type/blog while climbing an incline.
The one thing I can say is that I am not a fan of crash diets, and I think gorgeous comes in all sizes. I just need to be the size that fits into my clothes. I should have been more prepared for this, and If I have my way, I will be looking fabulous like all the other divas at CFW. If I am sitting a little uncomfortably, forgive me, and if I have on a few extra layers, I hope you will understand. The lesson here is not to wait until the last minute, and to try and be healthy year-round. Health and weight should be something we are conscious about year-round, not just so that we look good, but so that we live long healthy lives. I do have to say that I am a night eater, so I picked up a product at GNC that is supposed to help with that. I will let you know...or you can see for yourself.
Not My BFF
No matter what the outcome, I will be under the tents in a week, reporting on the beauty that my camera and eye catches. The best lesson here is if you feel like something looks a little tight and you did not prepare a little earlier, throw a designer accessory on to distract and call it a day. Hungry and signing off (kidding...I am drinking a protein shake before I go make peace with my friend the treadmill)! See you under the tents! Get your tickets fast because this year they are blowing out! And you are in for quite a show!
P.S.—Does leather stretch?