Fashion Week Flashback

Rory Gruler reflects on her six years as digital director of Charleston Fashion Week®.

This will be my sixth year as the Digital Director of Charleston Fashion Week and I am thrilled for 2015's incredible lineup of of talented designers, fresh model talent, and accomplished special guests... Hello, Fern Mallis, Louise Roe, and Trina Turk?

During my time working for CFW, I have been fortunate to have made life-long friends, met incredible designers, and have donned garments that I never would have dreamed of wearing.

Let's reminiscence, shall we?

2009 - My first CFW event. This was right before I was hired. My sister, Lindsay (left) and Angharad Chester Jones (center, now the Marketing Director) and I danced our faces off at this after-party.
2010 - This is my now husband at his first and ONLY CFW event. We were still in the "courting" phase which, as all women know, means he would do anything to impress me which included being my date to events that he was uncomfortable attending. Deer-in-headlights.
2011 - Emerging Designer Party rooftop soiree with Angharad.
2011 - With Angharad, wearing Troubadour
2011 - Marketing Director, Misty Lister (left) and Executive Director Naomi Russell (center)
2011 - With my former intern, Brittanae Casper, who now works in PR in NYC.
2011 - My first time wearing Cavortress with owner Julie Wheat. This will not be the last time that I rocked her vintage looks, Julie would later go on to design my wedding dress.

2011 - With Project Runway star and featured designer Mychael Knight.
2011 - Wearing DVF on the Red carpet with Katie Hild, Director of Advertising at WNC magazine.
2012 - My
favorite red carpet moment! My aunts Donna (left) and Connie
(right) with my mother (center). Connie, the funniest person that I know, is rocking a
fierce pose.
2012 - Top knot sisters.

2012 - I remember walking down the street and catching a glimpse of pink hair then I realized that was featured Designer Chris Benz. He was nice enough to take a photo with us on King Street.
2012 - My dear
friend, Ashlie traveled from Key West for the event. Here we are with
the talented Andrew Peterson getting pretty. I am wearing a Cavrotress caftan.

2012 - HOUSEWIFE sitting. The lovely Cynthia Bailey of The Real Housewives of Atlanta.
2012 - Street Styled with Ashlie and CFW Style Director, Ayoka Lucas.
2013 - With my friend and photographer, Jonathan Balliet.

2013 - Designer Sarah Parrott.
2013 - This is my FAVORITE look that I have ever worn under the tents. Leather pocketed skirt by Sarah Parrott.
2013 - Style Lounge with CFW Style Director Ayoka Lucas, and DJ Natty Heavy.
2013 - Style Lounge with Marketing Director, Misty Lister and WNC editor-in-chief Melissa Reardon
2013 - With lovely Featured Designers Sarah Parrott and Nikki Poulus.
2014 - Hanging out with Julie Wheat of Cavortress at her in-store event.
2014 - This is my favorite moment of all time during CFW. Emerging Designer Winner, Anna Toth, and I share an embrace after her win. Anna was my first friend, we went to preschool together and have been close ever since.
in case you didn't believe me that Anna and I have been friends for a
long time, here is evidence, a letter that we wrote to The New Kids on
the Block in 1989.
2014 - Anna Toth walks the runway with her designs.
2015 - Vintage Cavortress gold purse
2014 - Front Row with Hed Hi Media's Owner, Tim McManus. And that's a wrap!
2015 - Preview Party winter white outfit. Earmuffs to anyone now who
doesn't want to hear that this is the spot where I first kissed my now
husband. I know, gross, and oddly romantic?
Hitting up the red carpet with Jessie Parks, editor of

See you under the tents!