Christmas Goods: Front Door Decor

With just $12 and a bit of PINsperation, you can have yourself a new man! A new front door snowman, that is. Isn't he festive?!
If you are on Pinterest, you may have seen this pin:
 {Look at that fun hat with the bird on it!}
 {I love these fresh pine wreaths and the snazzy mittens}
 {This one really pops with the use of white snowy wreaths}
Pretty cute, right? I thought so. So I set out to make my own.
I would estimate that Mr. Snowman here cost me about $12.00. I bought everything I needed at my (not so) local craft store. (Will Summerville EVER get a craft store???)
First, gather three wreaths in graduating sizes.
Grab pipe cleaners from your kid's craft stash:
Cut a few green ones in half:
Lay the wreaths out upside-down, like this:
Tie them together with the pipe cleaners like this:
Find a couple of sticks in your backyard (or "help" your neighbor "clean" up their yard). Put the sticks through the wreaths...
...and then secure the sticks with pipe cleaners.
Accessorize your man however you choose!
I stuffed a couple grocery bags in the hat to help it stand up tall. To fasten the hat to the wreath I used my regular old office stapler and stapled it to the wreath stems.
Don't forget to fluff fluff fluff!
At night I have a big spotlight that shines on our front door so our snowman is center stage all night long!
Happy Decorating,