Christmas Goods: An Easy Way to Hang Window Wreaths

I'll show you how to do it in minutes, without a ladder, hammer, suction cups, or even going outside. Just grab some wreaths and ribbon!
We've been hanging wreaths in our windows for Christmas for as long as I can remember. Of course, the Colonial style of our house screams, "Wreaths on the windows!" but I love the look on any kind of home.
I'm not sure how other people get their wreaths up there, but I'm guessing it involves a tall ladder and some sort of gadget-like suction cups, nails, or command strip hooks. To that, I say, "No thank you."
Here is my no ladder, no tools, no gadgets method:
Step One: Fluff the wreaths. Nobody likes a smashed-up, mashed-down window wreath.
Step Two: I separate the branches and make a spot for the ribbon to nestle into.
Step Three: I buy some pretty red outdoor ribbon like this:
... And I measure how long I need the ribbon to be (depends on the size of your windows and where you want the wreaths to fall). Then I tie the ribbon around the wreath.
I make a loose knot like this:
Step Four: To hang the wreaths, I remove our window screens. (We never leave them in anyway. We can't really open the windows here much due to allergies, weather, construction dust, etc. Plus it's so much nicer to look out a window that doesn't have a screen. Try taking your screens out and leaving them out. You'll be surprised how much you like it.)
Once the screens are removed, with the window still tilted open...
...from the comfort of my dry warm home, I flop the wreath out of the window like this:
Then I close and lock the windows. (Remember to lock up!)
The knot keeps the wreath from sliding down or falling out. A loose knot will allow you to adjust the length of the ribbon. I use the window panes as a guide so that all my wreaths are hung at the same height.

And there you have it! It takes me just a few minutes per wreath. No ladders involved!

Stay warm, stay safe, stay dry, the halls are decked in record time!
Happy Decorating!
PS. Last year I bought a couple of extra wreaths and candles and added them to the windows on the sides of our house. I am SOOO glad I did this! It really completes the look. I just love it when people decorate the whole house and not just the front. It's so pretty. Most craft stores have great deals going on right now. My extra wreaths were only $2.99 each!