Charleston's Cutest Food Truck Caravan Rodeo

Jeanne Everett

I love Charleston for many reasons and one of those reasons being that the food scene is never dull.

When I got the ivnite to attend a fun dinner party to try Sweet Lulu's Bakery, a local bakery on wheels and First Name Basis, a woodfire camper, I had to attend!




It was a perfect humid summer dinner that made you believe you were on the set of a cute little French film.


I walked up to the Striped Pig Distillery and was greeted by the owner of First Name Basis, Amanda.


She informed me that she had options for us that included pizza with squash, cheese, peas, onions and that it would be a fire grilled right there in the camper.



They had rolled the dough right in front of us as we stood in awe of what a perfect setting we were at.


I was so excited and starving so I took a bite out of everything.  See for yourself below:



I told Amanda that I couldn't help but want to know the recipe for the delicious salad in the upper right corner.

It consisted of oranges, radishes, and parsley! This dish right here could've won a summer dish contest on The Food Network.



Not pictured is the yummy stuffing of pita bread with sausage (In Image below), a salad on the lower right corner and any veggies you heart desires.


We ate our meal alfresco on the Striped Pig Disterilly lawn while sipping on local beer. 


Then Sweet Lulu's Bakery came over, introduced herself and (as an avid Instagram follower of hers) I was eager to try the desserts!


She also dropped off her new bourbon cocktail using Striped Pig Disterilly bourbon - I haven't had bourbon in years and let me tell you, this was refreshing!



Sweet Lulu's is an adorable mini food truck, more like a retro take on the food truck that is famous for its' desserts.


We got to try all 3 flavors of the mason jar cakes: red velvet, apple bourbon pie, and key lime pie. The best one?


We couldn't decide! So, we all shared and I actually honestly am never a big red velvet person but guess which one "took the cake" for me? The red velvet one!


In reality, I wanted to actually eat about 5 more (however, I behaved).


Sweet Lulu's has the cutest decor. I love how The Town Serif created an elegant and retro feel with her calligraphy for the menu - such a special touch!

We finished off our dessert with water with fresh mint leaves then set off to a Riverdogs game.


Such a great early evening dinner and loved meeting, supporting and admiring local entrepreneurs and talents!


Thanks again to everyone involved who invited us out! 


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