Seven one-of-a-kind Foods to Try in Charleston

Allison Moorman

By Allison Moorman

Sure, cities all around the country are known for their signature dish. Kansas City has its barbeque, Boston has its clam chowder and Philadelphia has its cheesesteaks. Even our own hometown of Charleston has been relegated to shrimp and grits -- not a bad option per se, but we definitely have other options on our metropolitan menu! Here are seven foods to try in Charleston other than our signature dish that will definitely have you rethinking your next meal out:

1. Duck Fat Fries at The Tattooed Moose -- The Tattooed Moose’s menu devotes an entire section to these fries, and a quick Yelp search will tell you nearly everyone who patrons the pub raves about the eclectic twist on America’s favorite side dish. You can also pair it with a beer from the extensive list of local beers, as well as the Duck Club, another fan favorite.

2. Anything at Charleston House of Jerky -- while not offering a sit-down meal experience, Charleston House of Jerky will entice you with selections of Kangaroo, Alligator, and Python jerky just to name a few. You can probably picture the person in your life who would try some with you, and another person who would run in the opposite direction -- try getting them in the same room and open a pack of Lemon Pepper Swordfish Jerky.

3. L’huelgoat Crepe at Breizh ‘Pan Crêpes -- Locals and visitors are raving about this place, and you might have even seen Breizh ‘Pan Crêpes Charleston on the news. Going beyond the typical nutella and fruit crepes, Breizh ‘Pan Crêpes has a long list of savory crepes with L’huelgoat, filled with goat cheese, spinach, tomatoes and topped with a balsamic glaze, jumping to the forefront.

4. Bone Marrow Bread Pudding at The Macintosh -- The Macintosh has a rotating menu, but its bone marrow bread pudding has become a staple. Reviewers are all in agreement that the rich side dish is the best thing to order, share, and tell all your friends about.

5. Caesar Salad Soup at Old Bull Tavern in Beaufort, SC -- While technically not in Charleston, a trip to Beaufort is always a nice getaway for a long weekend. When visiting, stop by Old Bull Tavern and try the Caesar Salad Soup. I am a firm believer that you should always order the weirdest thing on the menu, and sure enough, this soup didn’t disappoint.

6. Red Curry Mac and Cheese at Jack of Cups -- While the Jack of Cups’ menu might be small, it's still mighty. Each dish is a twist on a classic (peanut hummus, meatball tacos), but what tops the list is the red curry mac and cheese. Their cookies-and-cream rice crispy also deserves an honorable mention, as well as the peanut ginger soup.

7. B&B Ricotta Cheese Plate at Butcher and Bee -- For the locavore in us all, there is Butcher and Bee. For the cheese lover in us all, there is Butcher and the Bee’s ricotta cheese plate, with grilled peaches, pistachios and lemon verbena. Anything on the menu feels like something off Top Chef, and is guaranteed to make you feel like a fine cuisine connoisseur by the time you leave.