With just $12 and a bit of PINsperation, you can have yourself a new man! A new front door snowman, that is. Isn't he festive?!

3-D numbers add a graphic, colorful punch to our playroom. (And on a side note, Summerville still doesn't have a craft store... gasp!)

With today being National Cheesecake Day, let's talk... well, cheesecake. Where I first saw it, how to make it, why it's so good. Go on. Have a slice

I have a confession to make: I've got a thing for stuffed bears. But not for just the normal, everyday variety—for Ralph Lauren stuffed bears. Read on to see why (and to meet Ralph)

Game, Set, Match! Why you should be tuning in for the most exciting "fortnight" of the year (including strawberries and cream, tennis whites, and a look at how we do it here in Summerville)

As quickly as I found this local bakery, I lost it—closed for business, good-bye. I'm not really happy about it. Listen to me gripe