Charleston Wine + Food's final Tasting Notes Live with Effin B Radio

Tori McKelvey

By Tori McKelvey

Charleston Wine & Food (CHSWFF) takes over Marion Square and points beyond for the 15th time beginning March 4th. But in a nod to year-round programming, the festival debuted Tasting Notes Live, a series of podcast tapings with with guests such as Radio Cherry Bomb, The Fine Cooking Podcast, Chef BJ Dennis and more recording episodes of their popular programs in front of a live audience.  

I’m present for the last of these with Effin B Radio — a show that covers the food and beverage community peppered by words of unapologetic honesty. Lindsay Collins, host and creator, interviews Corrie Wang, two-time published author and Co-owner of Jackrabbit Filly, a heritage-driven New Chinese American Restaurant in North Charleston.

CHSWFF’s headquarters and Test Kitchen is an open, modern space with whitewashed walls, smooth stone floors, and sunlight pouring in from every window onto every wall. Desks placed among open areas encourages a flow of creativity and communication among coworkers. In the very back, 6 rows of occupied chairs hold people eager to watch the banter and exchange about to take place during the live taping of the interview.

The dialogue between the two women paints an image of what it is really like moving up in a restaurant business. Wang is being brutally honest. There is no sugarcoating how rough it was for her food truck to evolve into a full-blown restaurant. Sitting in the food truck, Wang recalls “hating this,” but while at her restaurant pondering, “what can I write?” She loves her writing and is in a new state of mind to be creative and not stressed. Wang expresses how the come-up process was hard and unenjoyable. For example, walking home with less than $100 on some days and calling it a win. Success requires hard work, and it’s not always going to slip into one’s hands and be sparkles and rainbows. Wang is developing and progressing her restaurant… and is succeeding with brute force.

After the podcast recording closes up, Wang shares her recipe and famous dip, A Cuppa Cuppa Cuppa, with the guests. I must add, during the recording, I have no clue we are waiting until the end to chow down, and I am rejected by an attempt to snag a handful of crackers. A cup of mayonnaise, a cup of cheddar cheese, a cup of faux crab — is all you need.

For 38 minutes of jokes and the telling of a come-up story, tune in here.