Five & Two fights hunger in Pakistan during COVID-19

Guest Contributor

By Jerry & Sharon Miner, Founders of The Cross Country Network

Many of the Pakistanis who are receiving these food packages are generously donating from their meager supplies to share with others.

While the COVID-19 pandemic is hurting everyone, it especially affects vulnerable minorities in countries around the world. We saw a desperate need and launchedFive & Twoat the end of March, a social media campaign aimed at providing emergency food relief to the Christian population in Pakistan.

Five & Two comes through our work withThe Cross Connecting Network,a Mount Pleasant Christian nonprofit we founded in 2011 that works directly with our partners in Pakistan to deliver food supplies to families living in slums and villages.

Ninety-five percent of Christians in Pakistan are day laborers whose daily wages provide for their food. During the government's current shutdown of businesses, they face starvation without work or savings.

Even though the virus is just beginning to hit their slum communities where there are limited healthcare opportunities, their greatest threat is starvation.

Just as Jesus multiplied five loaves of bread and two fish to feed thousands, Five & Two’s mission is to launch a generosity movement with donations of just $5.

In addition, the campaign asks donors to find two friends who will do the same. As long as two friends get two more to give, the donations keep doubling. By making these small asks, many more people can take part in meeting the needs of thousands desperate in Pakistan.

Through generous donations from the Charleston community, Five & Two has raised over $18k via its online campaign, and serves as a catalyst for larger donors to come alongside and support.

With the money raised, our Pakistani partner and friend Pastor Bishop Mushtaq and his team have successfully distributed a three-week supply of food to 2,049 Pakistani families within our network of churches. The money is also helping to provide monthly support for local pastors, teachers and healthcare workers.

One family of six shared that they make about $4 per day and, without work, had gone without food for 20 days. They rejoiced to receive rice, flour and staples from Five & Two — enough to provide 20 days of food for their family.

Many of the Pakistanis who are receiving these food packages are generously donating from their meager supplies to share with others. They are expressing their gratitude for the unexpected gift of food at such a crucial time.

The goal with Five & Two is to not only to save lives, but to bring hope and thanksgiving to God as Pakistani Christians see a visible demonstration of His Love.

This is a huge disaster response involving detailed logistics with food suppliers under the scrutiny of government oversight. Deliveries are made during the night to staged distribution areas for safety from crowds desperate for food. Having completed one round of distribution of a three-week's supply of food, the team is busy preparing a second.

We invite everyone to join in our generosity movement bringing humanitarian relief and hope to the people of Pakistan as there are thousands more to feed.

Please consider donating can find us on Facebook and Instagram at@fiveandtwopakistan.If you wish to donate by mail, please send a check to The Cross Connecting Network, P.O. Box 1514, Mt. Pleasant, SC 29465.

Together we can give a little, feed thousands and save lives.