Rescued Pet Helper's foster has new leash on life

Tori McKelvey

By Tori McKelvey

She had one job, and that was to breed puppies to be used for dog fighting.

What is it like to foster a dog who has never lived in a home?

Tia, a pocket pitty, spent 6 years chained up and used to breed fighting dogs. Chains were posted on the ground approximately 20 feet away from each other. There was no play time… ever.

She had one job, and that was to breed puppies to be used for dog fighting. ThenPet Helperstook her in back in February and gave her the care and love that she needed. 

According to its mission statement, the organization "is a 501(c)3 Adoption Center and Spay/Neuter Clinic that serves communities across the Lowcountry."

She’s never had her own bed… never gotten to snuggle with someone at night… never learned to do a trick for a treat. She never got to be a normal dog.

No one ever told her not to poop in the house because there was no house for her to be in. No one ever told her not to chew up her bed… because she never had one. No one ever taught her what love and care looked like… until Pet Helpers rescued her and placed her into a foster with me.

Since being rescued, she has only thrived. It’s always a struggle to teach an old dog new tricks, but Tia has shown nothing but a desire to learn what it’s like to be loved and live in a home. We have definitely had our rough moments, but there’s nothing a few hundred licks to the face, tail wags, and snuggles can’t fix.

Since being rescued, she has only thrived.

If you’re thinking of adopting or fostering a dog during this quarantine Pet Helpers needs you. They’re the best company, give an unlimited amount of love, and are currently offering curbside adoption and foster pickups by appoinment. All of their animals deserve a loving home, and you can provide one.

Consider opening your heart through the Pet Helpers Adopt & Foster program. Details as well as their counseling and application process are availableonline. 

Tia thanks you and so do all her friends she left behind.