Shakin' Things Up At The Jailhouse

Natalie Mason

The following is tag-team post by Natalie Mason and Chassity Evans



This past weekend, I was lucky enough to get to attend the Friday night Charleston Wine + Food Festival party at the Old Jailhouse.



My partner in crime was Chassity Evans and we had a blast. (Oh, our husbands were also there but they were too busy stuffing their faces and drinking delicious cocktails to make a picture cameo.)



The party was put on by the Cayman Islands Department of Tourism. Sadly, neither of us won the free trip to the Cayman Islands :(. The Jailhouse was decorated beautifully with twinkling lights in all the trees—it was such a cool venue for a party. Our only complaint? It was freezing outside! I guess they did not plan for the unseasonably cold weather in Charleston.  


So we tried to stay warm with the cocktails. The featured spirits were Milagro Tequila and Sailor Jerry Rum. The drinks were so innovative and tasty. My favorite was the tequila drink with the flower. I wish I remembered what was in it, but I was too cold to retain that much information!  But trust me it was amazing. I will be buying Milagro Tequila more often.




The food was provided by Cru Catering, Twenty Six Divine, and Duvall Catering. It was all small nibbles, but everything was so tasty. I may have hit up each table twice. My favorite was the pate from Anson Restaurant. It came with homemade pickles—an incredible combination. I waited patiently in line three times for this delicacy!




We ended the night with Captain Jack Sparrow—because how else do you end a party at the Old Jailhouse?!?  We both left wishing we had gotten a few makeup tips from him. He had the eyeliner thing down!


Overall—besides freezing our tails off—the party was a blast! Can't wait for next year!